It's been a few years, friends, but Wish Chicobo is back! My good friend Candy Cane Chocobo had to take a year out this year (too many candy canes delivered last year, you lot tired the poor boy out), so I've decided that I should step in and help you all spread well-wishes for 2018 to your fellow EoFF users.

For a quick run down of how this will work...

What is it Chicobo?
The New Year Wish Delivery will allow you to anonymously write a wish for, or send a nice message to, someone from Eyes on Final Fantasy.

That sounds great! How does it work?
It's simple! PM me your well-wishes or anything else, and I can either send it directly to the member or I can post it up in thread. It's your choice whether you want your comment to be kept secret!

Remember that these are quoted as anonymous, so something that you think a friend might be happy to laugh at while they know it is you, they might not be so comfortable with it coming from anon. And of course, no abusive of offensive messages are to be sent.

This will be open until the 14th January - so get your wishes and thoughts through by then! You can send as many as you want, so get as many in as you can! I look forward to spreading the cheer!