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Thread: Lurkers

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    I lurk like a swamp monster. (I'm not sure why a swamp monster specifically, but I lurk like one. ) There's another forum I've been on for over 12 years, and I still have less than 800 posts.

    I usually only post if I actually have something relevant to say, and most of the time I end up second-guessing it and scrapping the whole thing anyway, so that's why. If I posted every time I began to write a reply, I'd probably triple my post count--I've actually scrapped posts I spent nearly an hour working on. Either I can't get the wording right and worry that it'll be misunderstood, or I suddenly get bored of working on it and just dump the whole thing. (And sometimes, such as when I'm ranting about something, just writing about it is catharsis enough and I don't need to post it anymore.)
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    I am the lurkiest.

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    I lurked for a long time, then just stopped coming, because I didn't really have anything to contribute.

    Now that the traditional rule of law has completely broken down, and people are free to spam like savages once more, I feel more in my element.
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    I lurk.

    I tend to come back every now and then, but I keep lurking nonetheless.

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