I don't know when it will happen, but I'd really like to play this game again soon. However, how exactly does the whole thing about enemies levelling up "as you do" work? Are you supposed to stay as low level as possible, so the enemies stay low level, otherwise you risk making them too powerful and make more work for yourself, or are you still supposed to make yourself powerful, but not grind too much?

I remember getting stuck on the boss at the missile base, because it kept attacking for 300HP, and I had 100-ish HP at the time, I think, because I was always too lazy to grind back then, (I would always cheat the level up, when needed), and I think I ended up winning by dumb luck. So, do I need to grind a little to get my HP up, at the very least, or is their a junction thing to raise HP that I should use?