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Thread: Do you play older Final Fantasy games?

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    I replay them periodically. I played most of them when I was younger and I didn't really appreciate the story of most of them. I don't see why people liked 5 or 6, but to be honest I was just playing them to beat them and add them to my list of completions. I'm thinking about starting over from 1 and moving down the line.

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    I agree with some of you, a newer version of FF for PSN would be awesome, I'm missing me some FF VIII. I've been borrowing my friend SNES Mini to play some FF VI (which by the way, some of the words have changed. For example: Phoenix Down is called Fenix Down and it bothers me slightly, I don't remember that from the original SNES when I was a kid). We don't need updated engines on these original titles, we could use some makeup on the game play make it pop out some more perhaps. Kind of like how they are doing with some of the Mobile ported games for FF I-IX, Tactics and such. They would get my money if they did.
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