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Thread: PS4 old final fantasy help

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    Default PS4 old final fantasy help

    Hi I donít know if this is the right place to ask this but Iím not sure
    where else to ask. So I got an old ps3 with a bunch of ff games and saved
    games on it and I want to transfer all that stuff to my new ps4.
    Is there anyway to do this? If so can someone tell me how or point me in the
    right direction so I can figure it out?

    Sorry if this is not a good place to ask this.

    Thanks for any help


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    Unfortunately very few things are cross-compatible between the consoles. PS4 has its own versions of FF7 and 9, as far as I know the PS3 emulates PS1 games, and doesn't have actual ports the way PS4 does. What games are you wanting to transfer? I can't remember if FFX works, but since the vita and PS4 versions are cross compatible, it might (I can't even remember if FFX got a re-release on PS3)

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    I want to transfer ff5,6,7,8,9 all of them are ps1 ports that I downloaded
    through PlayStation store.

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    Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. PS4 doesn't emulate PS1 games the way the PS3 does. Which is dumb, because it's totally powerful enough to. The versions of FF7 and 9 that are available on PS4 are ports of the PC games, not the PS1 games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyk View Post
    The versions of FF7 and 9 that are available on PS4 are ports of the PC games, not the PS1 games
    I didn't know they where ports from the PC version of the games, I thought they where re-written for PS4 and the added L and R button functions where then implemented. I've played them both and I'm working on Trophies... I'm a whore like that on games I enjoy.
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