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Thread: Is "Aero" too Final Fantasy to use?

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    Reading all the comments so far, it looks like I'm going to go back to "Gale" for my three main wind attacks, I have taken into account that "Aero" may not be as Final Fantasy exclusive as, say, "Ultima", but I agree with the views on people who say that Gale works better, and it just feels like a good one to have the 1,2,3 system on (I like the spell name "Aero", but it never really sounded like a wind attack to me, or even looked like on in Final Fantasy VII*.)

    I agree that "Flurry" sounds more like an ice attack, but I still want to use it, so maybe it could be a separate attack, be it one you use, or an enemy attack (I do have a human enemy, who specialises in ice techniques planned.) In fact, it could even be an attack that contains both wind and ice as its element.

    For Cure, it's use never made sense to me. I think of Cure as the treatment of ailments whereas Heal or Recover would mean restoration from injury.
    Yeah, I can see what you're saying about Cure being "wrong" - I got so used to it in Final Fantasy that I never thought of it before. I'm leaning towards "Heal" for my Cure equivalent, but maybe "Recover" could be my "Full Cure" counterpart?

    I agree Flurry sounds like a cold attack, although I much prefer Freeze. Also for fire: Flare. For earth: Rupture. For water: Cascade
    I have names for the basic spells for these elements, but maybe these could be the more powerful spells that you get separately, later on, as could "Maelstrom" or "Tornado"? Like how in Final Fantasy VII you still levelled up the Fire, Ice, and Earth materias, but you still got the Contain materia, with more powerful spells for those elements later (maybe Cascade and the like could use too much MP, so you have to really think about whether you should use them, if you're under levelled?)

    Yeah, I see the point about wind not really being that damaging, same with water really, but this is just going to have to be one of those times were you bend reality for the game. I mean, in real life, the lightning attack should kill you outright, and the fire attack should stay on you, and probably kill you too, if you, or someone, doesn't do something about it. Either way, I appreciate all the advice, and I really hope I get to design this game for you one day.

    *I have never seen Aero or Aero 2 in this game...

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    In Knights of the Old Republic flurry was an ability to attack multiple times. A flurry of attacks. It was physical melee

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