I keep on seeing that newer and younger fans are struggling getting into this game because the battle system is just too slow for them. While they can get into other older Final Fantasies fine, with IX they are just finding the battle animations just too slow and frustrating, and they have to speed everything up.

Has this always been a thing ? Or is it just a newer generation who's more used to games like Kingdom Hearts, Crisis Core and Final Fantasy XV with fast and quick action rpgs ??

Because I've never saw IX's battle system being slow or even annoying. Then again I might of just been too busy humming along to the battle music all the time, idk. I have noticed that the camera loves to dance and swing around and show the characters, background and monster before the battle begins as Square most likely wanted to show off the impressive psone graphics at the time, which was neat years ago, but would be pointless today.

Man, I feel old. ;A;