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    Default Silly Seifer !

    Does anybody find it rather sad and tragic that this boy sabotages himself and his future ? The game makes it clear that the boy has talent. He can wield a gunblade which is difficult to master and his talent is so good that it rivals Squall. Though because of his impatience, aggressiveness, and ego - he ruins his chances of becoming a Seed, meeting up with Rinoa again, and most likely becoming the hero and getting his dream of becoming a knight like he wanted.

    I would also debate that the boy is also a unrealistic thinker and is a bit of a dreamer, which again, sabotages him. Seifer is not a victim at all, he's old enough to know that he's doing wrong, though it seems to be that not only is Seifer a asshole to other people, but the person who he's the biggest asshole to- is unfortunately himself.

    Seifer COULD have been that SeeD. Seifer could've met up with Rinoa again and had a relationship with her. Seifer COULD have been that romantic knight that he wanted to be.

    A lot of people think that the ending with Seifer feels sudden, odd or out of place and he just feels " suddenly redeemed ", but I got to disagree. Seifer has learnt his lesson. He knows what he did wrong, and knows that he's gone done smurfed up bad. His smiling and feeling proud of Squall and troop shows this.

    Seifer is a good example of how having a certain attitude/ attitudes can smurf up your own life, I feel.
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