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Thread: Final Fantasy XVI: What You Want

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    Director: Hiroyuki Ito
    Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda

    Go back to being a bit more lighthearted again, it's what FF does best. VI, IX and XII all had a less moody atmosphere than X, XIII and XV. For that matter, get a main character who isn't serious all the time again. Gotta strike a balance between mellow when the going's easy and serious when the going's tough.

    As for medieval vs modern vs futuristic or whatever, honestly I don't care that much, just actually utilize it well. Don't make it a super high tech setting or modern and then have you away from all that, in a wilderness that could be medieval for all intents and purposes, for 90% of the game (XIII, XV barring the car)

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    Yeah, definitely give Ito another shot. I think Shimomura did a mostly fantastic job with XV, and if she's the main FF composer from now on I would have no complaints. Mitsuda's great as well though. Just no Sakimoto or Hamauzu plz.

    And yeah, I think a more medieval high fantasy setting a-la IX or XII would really do the series some good. I think it's important to return to that kind of setting from time to time - reflecting on your roots and trying to do something different based on that formula is a good way to both keep your franchise fresh and keep you grounded to what made it great in the first place. We've had some fantasy based on reality, now lets just have some fantasy again.

    Oh, and some more RPG game mechanics please. Look, of my many many criticisms of XV, I have nothing fundamentally against going the flashy action game route. I just want some more NUMBERS to play with in my downtime, OK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotic View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Freya View Post
    Final Fantasy 1?
    Ohhhh yeah! Although that kind of ruins WK's point about FF and time travel not belong together given that the og did it.
    The first one isn't bad but technically the time travel element of the plot is a bit of a paradox. Forgivable for a game largely light on plot, but still showing the devs don't know how to do time travel. Even the Chrono games suffer from time travel plotholes.

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    FFI, FFVIII, FFXIII-2. Those are the key ones for time travel. I never enjoyed it. Same with any non-FF game, just don't like time travel much. I mean, I like aspects of it (especially FFXIII-2, and being able to experience multiple 'versions' of various maps) but I just dislike the paradox that comes with it.
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    As others have said, a more traditional fantasy setting. I actually like the sci-fi stuff, but it’s about time to go back to more of a fantasy setting. Maybe something other than European-style medieval, though.

    Some women playable characters.

    A good story.

    An actual complete game upon release, rather than an almost finished game which is completed by DLC.

    Seeing as gameplay, i.e full turn-based vs ATB vs real-time, seems to be a bit of a bone of contention between old and new fans, maybe please everyone by being able to choose which of the three you want at the beginning of the game and/or being able to switch between them. Difficult? Certainly. Impossible? I doubt it. And to forestall objections, no I have no idea how to implement such a system. I’m just the creative director in this scenario, the gameplay department and the code monkeys can work out the practicalities.

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