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Thread: Super Bowl LII

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Ganon View Post
    Did the ball go?
    smurf dude it sure did

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox View Post
    I feel like we need to move away form roman numerals now we're into the Ls. Let's just accept the fact that roman numbers were meant for tracking things like how many jugs of wine you had, not keeping track of annual events past 50.
    I was thinking that too. "Super Bowl Lii" looked like it could've been an anime title.

    Also I'm surprised I haven't seen much commentary on the weird CG versions of the quarterbacks they kept throwing up on screen. Tom Brady looked like he was ripped from an episode of Xavier: Renegade Angel.

    Also - Great game to watch. Super fun all the way through. We skipped the commercials because smurf corporate America. The half-time show was sort of underwhelming; pretty much just Justin Timberlake dancing around (he has great moves, btw) and saying "WOO!" or "C'MON EVERYONE!" every now and again. Good song arrangements though.

    Total nailbiter of a game though. And rest in peace, eastern PA. We will rebuild you some day.
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