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Thread: Best Final Fantasy Royals

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    Default Best Final Fantasy Royals

    10. Lenna. Final Fantasy V.

    While Princess Serah was also a cutie royal with stunning pink hair- Lenna is a step in the right direction from princesses being a damsel in distress, to going out on their own and becoming more independent. You go Lenna !

    9. Spoony Bard/ Final Fantasy IV

    After losing everything- his people, his loved one Anna, his kingdom. Edward is not the bravest person in the world- still he tries and carries on and as the game goes on, he gains courage and becomes a stronger person. Edward starting out as a 'wuss', becomes a better man.

    8. Hilda. Final Fantasy II.

    Not only a royal, but she's also the leader of the rebel group and gives Firion and his friends missions and aid on his adventure to stop the Emperor. Basically, she's the boss, the double-boss. We all know that you don't smurf with the boss.

    7. Sabin Figaro. Final Fantasy VI.

    Sabin gave up his royalty, so he's a bit unfortunately lower on the list. Though, he's still a amazing character that makes up for this.

    6. Faris. Final Fantasy V.

    She may be a pirate, but she was born royal. And we all know that Faris is one of the best females in Final Fantasy history. Brave, tough, stands up for everybody, loves animals, and looks dashing. Just like Sabin, she however loses points for 'giving up royalty'.

    5. Queen Brahne. Final Fantasy IX.

    Brahne ? Yes, Brahne. Brahne is one of the most interesting and underrated Final Fantasy villains since the series's creation. While she's not a handsome warrior with long flowing hair or a lunatic clown, she's somebody who used to be a good person and mother who unfortunately fell into greed and became a monster. Brahne went from being a loved queen, to somebody who ordered genocide on other kingdoms.

    4. Ashe. Final Fantasy XII.

    Ashe is 'not your typical princess', while princesses in media seem to be soft, naive, pure and forgiving- Ashe is really the opposite. She's bitter, frustrated, sad, and wants revenge. It feels refreshing. Ashe reminds us that female characters and princesses don't always have to be 'nice' all the time.

    3. Prince Noct. Final Fantasy XV.

    The newest Final Fantasy main lead and one of the newest royals in the series. I think what works best for this character is his design, oddly enough. When we look at him, we automatically think that he's going to be another cold and anti-social character, but he's caring, childish and loves to sleep. Noct loves his friends like brothers and would do anything for them.

    2. King Edgar. Final Fantasy VI.

    What a charming, flirty man. Edgar is not only bold and handsome, but he's also quite intelligent and creative. Edgar is always a must in battles, thanks to his weapons. While Edgar at first seems like a iffy character, he later shows that he does care for his friends and that there's more to him that meets the eye.

    1. Princess Garnet/ Dagger. Final Fantasy IX.

    While Garnet doesn't have the most strongest weapon in the FF series, she's is however strong in mind. She's resilient, never gives up, fights guilt and depression, overcomes the lost of her kingdom, and deals with trauma like a champion and doesn't let it win. While too trusting at times, she's a brave young teenager that does her best to do the right thing.

    Agree/ Disagree ?

    What's your list ?

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    also edge

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