Heya. Just curious if anyone is playing anything MMO wise other than the obvious. Lawl. For me, I've kind of been jumping around, trying to figure out which ones I like best, but they have been really weeby... Aeria games mmos, specifically Aura Kingdom and Twin saga. I like them a lot, not only for the art styles, but the classes are really neat, and the whole game is just so damn cute. The only thing I think I dislike about them at all is that they can be really pay to win, but I guess that's a lot of MMO's nowadays. The other one I've been trying out is Dragon Nest. It's kind of died, because apparently the publishers were real douche nuggets to the players back in the day, but it's real fun still. Not necessarily a whole lot of multiplayer required in that one, so it's not too bad to play solo. I think another big reason I'm playing these instead of FF is the no sub part of it. I love FF, but it gets old having to pay a sub every month when I'm already broke all the time. I get that the game is totally worth it, I can't argue that, but... You know. I'm really into anything JRPG like. I am, after all, a garbage waifu. What are you guys playing? Any suggestions on your end?