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    Anyone else trying to tackle this monster? I had a horrible time with some of the beginning quests glitching out and being non-completeable and having to restart from a save (and I'm not keen on saves costing 100g), but now that the world has opened up I'm starting to really enjoy it. It's as vast and intimidating as starting out Oblivion or Witcher for the first time and not having played anything similar. It's very different and weird and interesting. Nice to see someone take a fresh look at the genre. I have my gripes, but it's a charming and enjoyable game

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    The House of God quest and A Bird in Hand quest both broke the game for me in different ways. My favourite is the House of God quest, where it made load times grow exponential while locking my ability to save, so I kept playing until trying to initiate a conversation with an NPC prompted a thirty minute loading screen and then crashed.

    Having finished it yesterday, I'm remain unconvinced. There are some good ideas there, but none of them feel properly, intelligently implemented. Quests that have expiration? Cool. But the only quest I failed was regarding heretics, who weren't exactly going to disappear any time soon.

    Aside from that, my two biggest gripes are the lack of PoC and the fact that the creative director is a member of that videogames alt-right gang and personally sent his goons after my partner, which probably impacted my ability to appreciate the game somewhat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiro View Post
    my two biggest gripes are the lack of PoC and the fact that the creative director is a member of that videogames alt-right gang and personally sent his goons after my partner, which probably impacted my ability to appreciate the game somewhat

    I'm not sure how prominent people of color were in middle-aged Germany, so to me that conversation reminds me of people wanting color diversity in the Witcher, where Scandanavian middle ages had very few people of color. But I don't know the history on how prominent that was, so I can't really comment on it. I don't imagine there were very many black people in Europe yet, but I could be wrong. It doesn't ruin the game for me

    As for that other stuff, I haven't heard of any political issues involving the game, but that is greatly disturbing. I wasn't a kickstarter backer or anything, so I didn't follow the company closely, but it remained on my radar. And the only things I've heard were how they hadn't thought to make a female playable in the early stages before they locked themselves into a male-oriented story. And how they wanted to be as historically accurate as they could without making it a boring peasant simulator, so some concessions had to be mad

    I'm curious as to what went on behind the scenes in this story

    But, back on topic, I just didn't want to wave away such a claim simply because I'm enjoying it so much, and I don't think that news will cause me to stop enjoying it. It's just ... sad and disturbing if true. But I haven't been back to this topic or forum for a while since the game's launch because I'm so thoroughly invested. My comment about the savior schnapps costing $100 is irrelevant. I wasn't treating it properly. The save is meant to be within quests and taking naps in safe places, and schnapps was meant to be strictly for risky desperate situations. They want you to live with your actions. But it's a moot point, because even without alchemy or reading, it can easily be learned to brew your own schnapps very early in the game, so you'll always have some on hand

    I've heard about the game breaking in very many ridiculous and infuriating ways, and fortunately that did not happen for me. Though I am playing it on console, so it's easier for them to pin down the specs. The PC issues seem to stem from it not being optimized for such varying hardware

    That said, I have heard that the House of God quest is notorious. I fortunately only got to it after 2 patches, and got the third patch just before actually digging deeper into the quest (I'd started it, and got distracted until the latest patch), and didn't experience any game breaking issues from it and managed to complete it. But I have heard things and know a little of how you feel on that. I've been constantly paranoid my enjoyment would be torn away by a quest not being able to complete

    The latest patch does seem to have affected my ability to equip and unequip my torch for some reason, but that's minor compared to some issues that were happening

    As it stands, this game is totally scratching an itch I've had for an Oblivion-style game that Skyrim sadly is not. And even though you're forced to play as a particular character, he's young an naive enough to be molded a tad, and I actually kinda like Henry. So that's nice

    I love how deep the skill systems are, the combat, the armor, even the infuriating lockpick mechanic, which remained my only gripe with the game, until recently. Lockpicking with a controller is nearly impossible to start. But much like how you have to be level 5 with the bow to actually start getting good at it, reaching level 3 in lockpicking is a must. Leveling up makes it easier in general, but once you can obtain perks, it becomes insanely more manageable

    I'm sorry people aren't able to enjoy the game quite as much as I have been, I'm glad the ridiculous political issues and gamebreaking bugs didn't completely destroy your enjoyment

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