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    Ok... so I got an opportunity to play Trails in the Sky SC.

    Trails in the Sky Second Chapter is an RPG for PSP or PC. It is a direct sequel for Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky First Chapter. By DIRECT, I mean very DIRECT. Do not recommend this game for players without First instalment experience.

    Any thoughts to share about this game?
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    Absolutely fantastic game. But to those reading, play Trails in the Sky first; SC stands for second chapter so you'll be lost unless you play Sky in order. If you want something more modern, you can start with Trails of Cold Steel.But yeah, I really like the game. About only complaint I have is that it reused many of the areas from FC and the first half is a little bit... eh, but once the game gets going it gets going.

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    I played the first one, and bought it a couple of times on multiple platforms to support the development and translation team, since it's a massive game and a pretty large undertaking. But I only barely played the game myself. It's quite a slow burn, so it was hard to stay engaged. I adored the cast's personalities and antics, but just couldn't stick with it

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    Well, in angle of modern things many classics should be omitted then. But they shouldn't. I would suggest this franshise for those who like deep development of main protagonist(s) also romance line in the game. It perfectly takes into consideration all elements of a nice rpg. Also has a considerable amount (not too much) of side quests. Of course, I highly recommend this game after First Chapter.

    P.S. Cold steel is more up-to-date but it is a little bit emptier to me.
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