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Thread: Least Fanciful Characters

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    Default Least Fanciful Characters

    Just what it says on the tin. Obviously most characters from the NES generation are over-the-top fantasy. Locke from VI is probably the least fantasy-oriented. And then there's IX.

    VII, VIII, XIII, and XV pretty much have entirely modernized characters. I'm not sure where to put XII and Type-0.

    Out of X and X-2... I don't know, the main characters are islanders in a revitalized PA world. To me, Paine is the only non-fanciful character.

    As to that, what is your preference? Should Squenix keep on with their trend of post-modernized, futuristic, omnipunk setting? Or do you want the dragons and griffins to be fought by actual armor-clad dragoons and knights? And kings clad in purple and blue with red capes...
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    Don't mind as longs as the characters are good. I wouldn't usually go for medieval but Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, Freya etc are all good characters.

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    Any character that uses modern technology i.e guns. Wakka too I guess, I mean how many fantasy characters do you know that use balls as weapons?

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