As RPGs and their sub-genres grow and expand, modern gamers have just learn to expect certain things like customization mechanics or quirky battle systems. My question is, were you to play something like classic Dragon Quest or Lunar, where the combat is simple turn based combat and customization is negligible, is this inherently a bad thing even if the mechanics are sound?

I ask this because I'm replaying an older Tactical RPG, and about the only real complaint I can hold against it is that the core gameplay is incredibly bland compared to more modern takes on the genre. The issue here is that the gameplay is sound and there is no actual problems with it. There is little customization, but the game doesn't need it, the characters are all preset in design and grow in linear directiosn based on their combat roles. Everything works as it is suppose to be, except I'm playing a game set within a sub-genre that was changed and redefined, not even two years before this games release, to be one where players expect heavy customization and twinking along with other "bells and whistles".

I guess the point of this thread is to ask the question: Does having classic and "vanilla" gameplay a valid complaint?

I mean certainly from a subjective point of view it can be, but objectively is it really a bad thing?