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Thread: Your Top Five FF Worlds

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    Dancing Chocobo Your Top Five FF Worlds

    Of all the cool places we've gotten to experience in the FF-verse, which worlds were your favorites?

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    I don't know if it most favourite world because my opinion changed drastically about this game in last 17 years... But world of FF8 was the most memorable.... However, it was my first single played and finished RPG. It has quite nostalgic value.
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    1. Final Fantasy VIII. I don't know, I just love the whole SeeD thing and Balamb Garden is just so relaxing and chill.
    2. Final Fantasy VII. The world is dying, but places like Cosmo Canyon ? So pretty.
    3. Final Fantasy IX. Nice medievil atomosphere
    4. Final Fantasy XII. This world has the best FF Moogles, enough said.
    5. Final Fantasy X. Depressing, and the world is being controlled by a cult, but it's pretty ??

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    I dont nevessarily have a top 5, because strong worlds was never FFs thing, but Ivalice as a whole is definitely one of my favorite settings in all of gaming

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    1. FFX - It's just so beautiful, Macalania Woods is surely one of my favorite video game place ever.
    2. FFIV - It's really medieval and I love it, and there's not only one important kingdom, it's really well done.
    3. FFVI - I just love the atmosphere of this game so much, in both world of balance and world of ruins.
    4. FFXV - It's modern, but again, it's another world I find really beautiful, particularly Altissia and Galdin Quay.
    5. FFIX - Another medieval setting, and I really like!

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    I've always loved castles and stuff like that, so IX and XII are my favorite worlds. X is also good. I guess only top 3.

    XIII's world is weird, I don't understand it. And IV is full of similar looking dungeons, it's annoying.
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