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Thread: Selphie, a potential Sorceress candidate?? Let's analyse her.

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    Question Selphie, a potential Sorceress candidate?? Let's analyse her.

    So I stumbled across this:

    And while I generally take FF Peasant's words with a grain of salt (since he kept confusing Gaia and Terra's moons in a theory video he did about FFIX) it certainly got me thinking. For a while, I'd decided I didn't like Selphie at all. Her personality was just... not for me. But at the very least, although I didn't walk away 100% convinced that Selphie could have sorceress capacity, I at least found myself forgiving her for a lot of traits I previously felt distaste towards. (I still need some convincing that Irvine is worth my forgiveness for his own gross personality traits but that's neither here nor there)

    But either way, what do you guys think? Does this theory hold up? Could you even imagine Selphie as a sorceress? And what do you think it'd be like if she broke? If she really puts on a show of ditzy genki-ness, what is that hidden side of her actually like? So many questions arise!

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    That don't make any sense because then Ulti would've used her as a victim to unlock Adel instead of Rinoa. Maybe she's got some witch blood in her from a great grandmother or grandmother or something, but she can't be a full sorceress judging by canon logic.

    Also Edea gave Rinoa her powers because she wanted to protect Selphie and Quistis.

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