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Thread: Selphie, a potential Sorceress candidate?? Let's analyse her.

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    Question Selphie, a potential Sorceress candidate?? Let's analyse her.

    So I stumbled across this:

    And while I generally take FF Peasant's words with a grain of salt (since he kept confusing Gaia and Terra's moons in a theory video he did about FFIX) it certainly got me thinking. For a while, I'd decided I didn't like Selphie at all. Her personality was just... not for me. But at the very least, although I didn't walk away 100% convinced that Selphie could have sorceress capacity, I at least found myself forgiving her for a lot of traits I previously felt distaste towards. (I still need some convincing that Irvine is worth my forgiveness for his own gross personality traits but that's neither here nor there)

    But either way, what do you guys think? Does this theory hold up? Could you even imagine Selphie as a sorceress? And what do you think it'd be like if she broke? If she really puts on a show of ditzy genki-ness, what is that hidden side of her actually like? So many questions arise!

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    That don't make any sense because then Ulti would've used her as a victim to unlock Adel instead of Rinoa. Maybe she's got some witch blood in her from a great grandmother or grandmother or something, but she can't be a full sorceress judging by canon logic.

    Also Edea gave Rinoa her powers because she wanted to protect Selphie and Quistis.

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    Any woman can become a sorceress in FF8's world.

    But regarding Selphie's character, she's a backup character for Rinoa (or vice versa) or they're both the same person.

    As it stands out, Selphie and Rinoa are two obviously different persons, but...

    Were they originally the same person when FF8 was being developed?
    Or was Rinoa meant to be Selphie or vice versa?
    Was Selphie meant to be Squall's girlfriend?

    Or is it possible that Rinoa and Selphie are actually the same person in some fanciful / interesting way just for the sake of a better FF8 storyline?!

    Things to consider:

    1) In the trial version (the very first demo that came with FF7 platinum for PC), Rinoa was with the Co. party instead of Selphie. Rinoa herself was eventually replaced with Selphie for the newer demo version / release version. Now, compare the two animations:

    Aside from the clothes / character differences, notice the shadows of the two characters in the final version animation. Selphie's shadows were actually Rinoa's.

    2) Rinoa and Selphie were only the characters that asked Squall for a tour of the Balamb Garden. This could be a mere coincidence but repeating the same action (dialogues or whatever) is common in game development. I can only guess that when SquareSoft changed mind something about Rinoa / Selphie (or added Selphie), it's easier for them to repeat / replace / switch stuff.

    3) Selphie's "THE END" limit break. You can watch the limit break here:

    (starts at 01:00)

    This limit break strongly resembles to Rinoa's moments when she was out in the green field with floating flowers during certain FMV(s). The text "The End" seemed fitting because Rinoa was again out in the same field at the ending. It's like a metaphor... that everything is about to end and live happily afterward (debatable, of course.)

    4) In relevance to R=U (Rinoa is Ultimecia), Selphie and Ultimecia do have something in common: craziness.

    5) In Trabia, Selphie was very reluctant to let Squall read her diary (her computer). I know that reading someone else's diary is wrong but Selphie doesn't strike me as a privacy, secret girl or green / nature girl. This Trabia scene doesn't make sense.

    If Selphie is so willing to say something crazy (her dialogues) or not caring about what other people think (her singing in the train, etc), what's stopping her from letting Squall use her computer? Now, if she was Rinoa, perhaps it would make more sense since Rinoa had a lot of things / issues that are maybe better left alone.

    There's probably more. For example, the orphanage scenes but I need to re-play FF8 to make sure.

    On an unrelated note, it's also possible that Rinoa and Irvine were originally SEEDS. Before the final battle against Ultimecia begins, she yelled "SEED" six times when there were only six characters in the room:

    Her saying SEED six times was probably another coincidence.... Or it does further prove that Ultimecia cannot read the minds of normal people (i.e. Squall) so she says something incorrectly sometimes.

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    this thread is wild as hell

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