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Final Fantasy games mean a lot to its fans and they put a little bit of their identity in their favourite game. When you undermine a title in the series, you are also undermining its fans sense of self-worth.

Final Fantasy VII is the most popular and acclaimed title, and fans of Final Fantasy IX feel rejection and a lack of validation in the shadow of FFVII. The FFIX fans thus lash out at it, incorrectly perceiving it as the source of all of their woes rather than taking a look in the mirror and noticing perhaps there's other reasons for their beloved's lack of fanfare. FFVII is, to them, the proverbial popular kid who gets all the cute boys/girl it wants while they're sitting at home with no prom invite.

Final Fantasy VII fans are fully aware of their game's generally perceived superiority and when this is challenged they feel fear at losing their place at the top of the pyramid. They quickly belittle other titles to try to neutralise the threat to their place in the social hierarchy and so their own ego. If I am not #1, then who am I? The braggadocio is to mask their own insecurities.

By the way, I am talking absolute nonsense that I just made up. Hope you enjoyed another post by Psychotic.
Very well put Psy. I would say thats why I dislike it when people bash VII.