Tekken Cross Calibur

Yes, I believe a crossover twixt these two monsters would be brilliant. Yoshimitsu is already a staple of both games and Heihachi has made a fun if poorly explained cameo in the latter title.

That said, I don't find it necessary to include every character from both games. Exhibitionists like Maxi, Paul, and Marshall can all be represented by one face (personally, I'd go with Marshall as his Bruce Lee-style moves would combine well with a nunchaku).

The storyline would probably follow some dimensional traveler interested in both the Soul Edge and the Devil Gene, mayhaps likening them to the same origin.

Characters I think would make the roster would be Yoshimitsu (well, duh), Bryan, Sophitia, Heihachi, Lumber JACK (JACKstaroth, lol), Siegfried, Armor King (as Nightmare?), Eddie (with a staff), Marshall (nunchaku), Devil/Kazuya, Cervantes, Raphael, and Zasalamel. Bonus vote to Ogre and Necrid.

What's your vote? Good idea?
Who else should be in it?
What should the story be?
What would be your pitch?