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Thread: Masamune summoned by Bill and Ted?

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    Default Masamune summoned by Bill and Ted?

    So I was reading a reddit page on possible SE cameos in future FF and KH titles. One suggestion was Masa and Mune as an optional battle to unlock the Masamune/Mastermune keyblade. My first thought was that I strongly dislike Masa and Mune as a concept. Always have. Especially in their freakish Bo-Abobo-esque combined form. My second thought was the sudden realization that I've seen these little weirdoes somewhere else. Of course, nigh-on to the end of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, the twins were actually referred to as the philosopher Station. The resemblance is uncanny: twin dwarf-like alien freaks who combine into a larger freakier-looking alien. I can't seem to find any actual connection between these two occurrences and it seems to be just a coincidence but it's so weird. The only thing missing from the B&T version was an older sister who would combine with the twins to form "PlayStation"...

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