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Thread: FFVIII the Action RPG?

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    Moomba FFVIII the Action RPG?

    So i've been lurking on a few websites where fans are bemoaning the idea of the VII Remake being an Action-RPG and while I can sympathize due to agreeing that the Materia system shines better in a slower more methodical gameplay style whereas Crisis Core only proved the pitfalls of trying to merge such mechanics, I started to think about other entries and how much the transitions would affect them. At which point it kind of dawned on me that VIII's Junction System would actually work really well retooled into an ARPG combat style. Here me out:

    Characters can set up Draw Spells to be junctioned Actively or Passively. If you Junction a Fire spell actively, it imbues their attacks with Fire damage while passive would grant defensive bonuses instead. A Drawn Haste Spell passively would increase the characters combo/action speed, whereas Active mode would allow a "special move" command bonus grant the character a Flash Step style move at the cost of reduced defense.

    Button commands could be setup with one button as attack, one for Draw Spell, one for special commands, and one for summons. Should buttons could switch the character from Passive/Active Junction rules and you could even save two builds of the character you can seamlessly switch to in battle. There might still be some balancing needs but the more I ponder on the possibility, the more it feels right to me. So much of the Junction System mechanics happen between battles that the game wouldn't really be hurt by the change up in gameplay style. Thoughts?

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    That actually sounds like a big improvement over the original. But I don't think the draw function would work well in a more action-oriented gameplay style. Maybe just have magic as regular consumable items you can get from enemy drops and magic shops.

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    I love FF8, but I can't stand Action RPGs- I would ( personally) hate to see it go down this path. Though since FFXV sold well and the FF VII remake selling well is a given, and if DQ XI isn't a strong enough hit in the West, it's very possible that SE is going to do something like this.

    I can see them doing a system where you only control Squall or Rinoa, and you pick two other characters to draw magic for you, summon, attack, heal etc. Guess something like FFXII comes to mind.

    It would be easier for those who want to draw magic tediously, just let the CPU have Zell draw 100 Fires for you.

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