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Thread: Who Do You Miss

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    Except for my first three months here, I was never much of a forum person, but there are countless people I had tons of fun with in chat. So many I probably couldn't name most of them off the top of my head. Also plenty of people I regret not keeping in contact with, but I suppose that's just typical of life in general.

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    I miss the days when I was active in this forum. Alas, different person, different times.
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    Hard to believe my peak activity was 20 years ago!

    I miss the community. And gaming. I still play games (largely board games and I am now a Dungeon Master!) but it would probably shock some techies to find out I still run a ZSNES modulator on an HP mini 110 (c.2009) with Windows 7... I recently received a threat cleverly disguised as an “update” suggesting all support from Microsoft would soon be terminated.

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    I miss :goomba:

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    Man, I miss a lot of people. I regret having not been more active on here through the years like I was in the first few. I made a few friends here that I unfortunately have lost contact with.

    Squally Leonharty and DK are by far the ones I miss most though. I spent a lot of time chatting with both on Yahoo Messenger back then. Dan (DK) always had me laughing and usually at Laurens (Squally) expense. I'm kind of glad I don't ever clean my hard drive storage because I can still laugh at the infamous Squally dance that Dan was so kind to upload and eventually morphed into several remixes, lol!

    There a lot of other people I miss too. Unne was one of the guys I respected most on this forum. We had differing views on some things but I always appreciated that his threads came from more of a place of trying to understand others more than just jumping on his soapbox and spouting his own ideas. EOEO was never better than when he was posting there.

    There's a bunch of others here too that I miss but considering I've written a two paragraphs for three people, I would most likely have a book at the end of this post.

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    he laughed at a random post i made about mental health that ended in a Labyrinth scene voiced in Dark Knight batman speak

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