Saw this with Denmark today for his birthday. It's actually excellent. Those who are friends with me on FB know I got pissy because there was only one other person in the theatre and they sat directly behind me and continued to sniffle every 10 seconds. Sniffling is literally the worst sound to my ears, so Denmark and I moved to the front of the theatre....

Denmark and I lost our trout laughing at the part with Ludicolo being a spaz, and the whole interrogation of Mr. Mime.

I ironically called the twist about halfway through, and Denny just went "noooooooo". When it turned out to be true, I was just like YESSSSSSS, I win. Look how SMART I am for figuring out the plot to a children's movie.

Overall, it was freakin' adorable, and the plot was surprisingly solid. We very much enjoyed it, and I can't wait for Detective Pikachu 2.