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Thread: Post Game Gran Pulse Content and Farming

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    Default Post Game Gran Pulse Content and Farming

    Who here has beat the game and tried to brave the post game?

    I just finished my 3rd playthrough (since 2009) and I think this is the first time I've ever attempted the post game at any length.

    Unless you're a trophy/achievement aficionado or want to complete every cie'th stone mission, it's not worth it. Depending on your farming method, you could spend the length of the story (40 hours) just on farming for money and upgrading your equipment alone.

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    that sound bad... I was about to try a trophy run. I have the other 2 games at 100% and figure the pandemic is a good Time as any to make this one 100 too... hmmm

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    I got the platinum back when I first played it, and I had a lot of fun. The later Cie'th Stone missions have some of the best battles in the game.
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    I might replay it when I get my Xbox Series S, assuming they make the same enhancements available that they did on the One X. I only ever played the game once about a decade back, and I quite enjoyed it (certainly more than most people seemed to).

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