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Thread: Help Required

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aulayna View Post
    Did you change to Elvaan Elmdor, or was that someone else?
    That was someone else, I don't think I changed from Mjollnir until I came to EoFF! Also I was Xochitl on TSR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aethalas View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Aulayna View Post
    I wrote the whole thing off as "FFR Drama" at the time and didn't really think much more of it, didn't realise it extended outside of FFR. Sorry it hit you so hard, that truly sucks.
    When I think back, FFR was just a cesspit of dramatics. Too much teenage angst for one message board to handle. I appreciate your sentiment though, it's really appreciated!
    Ain't THAT the truth! :P

    Again, to reiterate what has already been said: The purpose of this thread is not to argue the merits and flaws of attempting to find closure in this story. It is merely to find information in the hopes that the story can finally BE closed.
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    Just wanted to leave a small comment here to say that I've received the answers I was looking for. Thank you to everybody that helped me and for the encouragement! Hope you all have a fantastic 2019.

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    Congratulations dude, I'm really happy that this has been resolved for you.

    Also Tiffiekins if you're reading this, I am sincerely glad you're not actually dead. Hell if you wanted to swing by here for old time's sake you'd be welcome.

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