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Thread: Your Video Game Zodiac !

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    Default Your Video Game Zodiac !

    Did this for the funs, hope you'll love it!

    Spyro The Dragon.
    Your Birthday: March 20th-April 20th

    You are a brave, caring friend, who can also be a bit impatient. You have a bit of adventure streak and you love to explore.
    You are also courageous, and confident. You know that you can do things if you don't give up. You are always there to help people in need, though if you can't get that break or holiday, you are going to be hot-tempered and moody, and everybody should watch out!

    Everybody loves you, even if they haven't been in contact with you for many years, they will still have warm, bright memories of you.

    Your Birthday: April 21st- May 23nd.

    Everybody feels like they can trust you, as you are loyal and you are always there for them. You are devoted. However, that doesn't mean that you don't have your grumpy days or moments if somebody provokes you.

    A sudden change may scare you, and you prefer to stick to what you know and what you are familiar with, which may stop you from evolving.

    Sonic The Hedgehog.
    Your Birthday: May 24th- June 21st

    You can be a bit cocky and show-offy, but you are good, and you know it. While you can boastful, there's also a deep affectionate side to you. You feel like you need excitement, and life usually gives it to you. Sometimes you can trigger it if you want to stir up that drama, but most of the time, somebody causes it for you. You are also full of speedy energy, because of this, you can be a bit restless.

    You adore fun, and you want to explore the world and what's out there. Though like how there's an affectionate side to you, there's also a deeply serious side to you, and sometimes depression can smack you out of nowhere. Fortunately, you are highly resilient and you can be back on your speedy energetic feet before you know it!

    Samus Aran.
    Your Birthday. June 22nd- July 22nd.

    Underneath that tough and serious "shell", there's a deep and emotional person. You do your best to be always strong no matter what, you can't show any weakness, somebody you don't trust may take advantage of. You are always guided by your heart and feelings. Sometimes your past.

    You want to be at peace with your life and your choices in life, and you are willing to do anything to get that victory.

    Nathan Drake

    Your Birthday. July 23rd- Aug 23rd.

    You are a born leader- self-confident, dominant, and able to achieve anything that you desire. You are the "King/ Queen of the Jungle". You are able to use your mind to solve most problems. Any ancient dungeon puzzle is a breeze to you. However, you can also neglect the needs of others, in your own personal desires for personal gain or status.

    You are a born with a need to help others, and you are pretty strong and reliable. Though at the same time, friends and family won't be the first thing you think of when you are alone, it's going to be your own independent matters. But that doesn't mean that you won't fail to protect your family and loved ones from danger and from harm.

    You are also very highly ambitious.

    Your Birthday. Aug 24th- Sept 23rd.

    Smart, wise and intelligent beyond your years. Sharp and witty too. You are mature and kind. However, after a traumatizing event, you can easily close and toughen your heart. Because of this, you can be a little misunderstood from others. This can also include distrusting others. Once bitten, triple the size of your hardened heart and your outlook on life.

    You prefer to be independent, and make your own choices and values in life. You prefer to not take the center stage. You are a strong character, you just need to trust your friends and loved ones a bit more.

    Super Mario.
    Your Birthday. Sept 24th- Oct 23rd.

    Hello Mr/Ms. Charming! Just like Mario, you have the ability to look at all sides of the coin. Somebody you are willing to help that "Bowser ", in your life, even though he's not a very nice person.

    You are great at making everybody happy. It just makes you feel fulfilled. Though, while sometimes trying to make everybody happy and pleased, can easily backfire. Maybe that "Bowser " in your life, didn't really need all that attention and care? However, you do a fine-tuned compass- just that you would prefer to see everybody cheerful and smiling, and that you makes you feel like jumping into the air with happiness. Just be careful!

    Your Birthday. Oct 24th- Nov 22nd.

    You can come off a bit scary and grumpy to others, as you fancy and are curious into the "dark side " of life. You are the one writing those dark fan-fictions and novels. You are the one watching those violent and bloody movies, or searching into crimes of the past, and drawing that dark and bloody artwork, or enjoy experiencing them from other people. Some people may view as a bit intimidating, but you know it's just fantasy, so why the stress?

    You are brave and passionate, and you follow your road, not caring what others may think. Your feelings are what actually gives you that strength.

    Beyond your shell, there is a softer side to you, you may be a supportive Father for an example! You are not all mean warrior with swords. There is a caring side to you. But, it's not like you ever cared what others thought of you anyways.

    Some may adore you for your darker side, and some may adore you for your softer side.

    Your Birthday. Nov 23rd- Dec 22nd.

    You are strong-willed, and you are all about going off the beaten path. You love solo travel and exploration. Whether that be exploring the world, or just sitting down to read a good book.

    Sometimes you may get called out for not having any empathy like you strolled into somebody house and broke their barrels, but that's not true. You have a big imagination, and you always care about others. People can trust you, no matter what.

    You are a great person to have a team, as you are a creative thinker, and you have the enthusiasm for the project. Though, you also love to hang out with yourself, and just spend some time alone, whether that be just in your room alone, or resting in your bed.

    Every day is an adventure for you.

    Conker the Squrriel.

    Your Birthday. Dec 23rd- Jan 20th.

    Boy are you good at making money, and boy are you good at having a cheeky sense of humor. You want everything to go perfect, however that never really happens, which can stress and depress you out.

    You will not take "no ", for an answer when you want something. You are going to do your best to make sure you are going to get it. Though you can also be a bit hard on yourself, and you can very easily hold a grudge. However you can also easily learn skills, and become a jack-off- all- trades.

    People love you for your sly and witty humor and will always come back running to you to get some more laughs.

    Your Birthday. Jan 21st- Feb 20th.

    Hey, we've got to have a Square Enix character on this list! It's a Final Fantasy Forum!

    You love to have fun with others, helping others, and becoming friends with everybody. You are original and a humanitarian. You despise being lonely, you want to feel welcomed with everybody around you. You want to love them and fight for their causes. However, you dislike it when somebody disagrees with you.

    You are very much in tune with the energies around you.

    Crash Bandicoot.
    Your Birthday. Feb 21st- March 19th.

    Woah! You are understanding and you accept others around you with ease. No matter who they are, or where they come from. You are found in company with a variety of different personalities. However, some can easily take advantage of your kindness and naivety, and your desire to escape reality.

    You are very vibrant to be around. Though you can easily become a victim to stress, which may make your environment and world feel insane and loopy. You just want to calm down and have a nice nap by the beach.

    "You okay?"

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    Oh no, I'm Kratos!

    Nice work on these, thanks for the effort. Even if you did make me Captain Anger Issues.

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    Pikachu, I don't choose you.

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    Kratos the rage machine.
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    Sora, I'm okay with that as long as I don't inherit his (lack of) intelligence too.

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    I'm a bandicoot. A nap sounds good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    I’m Samus. I’ll take it
    Your Zodiac is Cancer? Because I have a big headcanon that the Beast is a Cancer as well, or at least a Cancer/ Leo cusp.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Golbez View Post
    Pikachu, I don't choose you.

    "You okay?"

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    I'm Mario, but I feel more like Link.

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    I'm kind of amused that I got Sonic and Sonic 2 was my first video game. IT WAS FATE ALL ALONG!

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    If I were born 2 days earlier, I could be Pikachu. Mother, why?

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