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Thread: Your Favourite Mage/s

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    Default Your Favourite Mage/s

    What's your favorite Mage from each group? ( White, Black, Blue and Red Mage ) ?

    White: Counting those who can use healing/ protection magic as their main source of magic.

    White Mage. Final Fantasy I.

    Minwu. Final Fantasy II.

    Rosa. Final Fantasy IV.

    Porom. Final Fantasy IV.

    Aerith *. Final Fantasy VII.

    Garnet/ Dagger. Final Fantasy IX.

    Eiko. Final Fantasy IX.

    Yuna. Final Fantasy X.

    Luna. Final Fantasy XV.

    Somebody you missed!/ Job Class.

    Black. Counting those who use physical harming magic as their main source of magic.

    Black Mage. Final Fantasy I.

    Palrom. Final Fantasy IV.

    Terra Branford. Final Fantasy VI.

    Rinoa Heartilly *. Final Fantasy VIII.

    Edea Karmer*. Final Fantasy VIII.

    Adel. Final Fantasy VIII.

    Lulu. Final Fantasy X.

    Somebody you missed !/ Job Class.

    Blue. Counting those who use Blue Magic as their main source of Magic.

    Strago Magus. Final Fantasy VI.

    Quistis Trepe. Final Fantasy VIII.

    Quina Quen. Final Fantasy IX.

    Somebody you missed !/ Job Class.

    Red. Counting those who can use both healing/ protection and physical harming magic as their main source of magic.

    Red Mage. Final Fantasy I.

    Tellah. Final Fantasy IV.

    Rydia of Mist. Final Fantasy IV.

    Celes Chere. Final Fantasy VI.

    Somebody you missed!/ Job Class.

    Remember you can only pick one from each group/ bracket.

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    Going by your listings...

    White MageEither Minwu, Rosa or Aerith. All three have interesting roles within their game stories and they all have some fun mechanical quirks as well with Minwu being a "taste of power" feel to him, Rosa was an exceptional White Mage with good offensive ability and Haste, while Aerith honestly has my favorite set of Limit Breaks in VII. Overall, I'm going to give this to Rosa though because I feel most of the White Mages who have come after her pretty much live in her shadow somewhat.

    Black MageI would protest that Terra really belongs in Red Mage since she does learn healing magic. But the obvious choice you missed was Vivi from FFIX. Not only one of my fave characters from the game but honestly one of the best Black Mage builds in the series that doesn't give you serious customization options like VIII and X. Focus is a gamebreaker skill, doublecast as his Trance ability makes him the top damage dealer, and his Sword Magic dual techs with Steiner gives him more reasons to be a permanent party member on my teams.

    Blue MageSmallest pool unfortunately and with the exception of Kimarhi, I like all of them. I generally prefer the class in titles with job class systems as they always have issues in games with other customization systems to attend to. Of the actual characters though, I might give this to Quina who was always a fun source of absurd humor and one of the strongest Blue Mages of the four in terms of real versatility to their abilities. Quina hearkens to the spirit of the class established in FFV by being a gamebreaker if you knew how to use them properly.

    Red MageFor a class that is widely popular in the franchise, it's actually interesting to see that the class has never had a proper character be them outside of XI and the Dimensions franchise. Outside of the actual class itself only Celes actually hits all of the traits of the class with Rydia and Tellah being more of a Sage build since both of them are subpar fighters. Regardless, I feel Celes wins this anyway.
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    How could you miss Vivi from the list of black mages? He's the quintessential black mage! Only black mage in the series besides nameless mages (well named by the player) to wear the black mage garb.

    Black Mage - Vivi's definitely my choice here. Best character in FFIX, one of the best in the series.

    White Mage - Aerith. Don't know how well she fits the category, since she can learn anything like everyone in FF7, but Holy and her Limits seem good enough. She's the hero of FFVII.

    Blue Mage - Probably Quistis. She's one of the better characters in FF8, which is one of my favorites in the series. I also don't see what all the Kimahri hate is about though and he'd probably be my second barring someone I forgot. Strago and Quina probably are more closely aligned to the class, but I just don't like them as much as characters.

    Red Mage - Rydia. I see how Rydia fits the categories you set, but Summoner is really a separate class of FF mage. Also, she loses White Magic later, and has only a couple semi-white magicy summons, which makes this classification even more dubious. I'd say she's closer to Black Mage than Red Mage, really. Still, if we're calling Rydia a Red Mage, then she's my favorite of the bunch. A kickass mage who can easily kill off the party and level herself once she learns Bio/Virus, she saves the party from Golbez when she returns. The last of a group of mages Golbez (and presumably Zemus by extension) feared enough to wipeout even though they didn't have a crystal. Face it, Rydia is a total badass.

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    White - either Rosa or Minwu. Minwu for being the first and so far only male representative of the class, with his skills being very bersatile and a nice representation of how cool magic can be in FFII before you even have access to most of it. Rosa is great for her even greater versatility (she’s great with a bow and haste and slow spells are so much more important now with ATB), but I also just love her as a character, haters be damned!

    Black Mage - Vivi. Like that’s even a question.

    Blue Mage - it’s funny how blue mages are my favorite type of Mage mechanically, but I’m never super satisfied with how they’re pulled of when they’re made into a character’s permanent gimmick. By far my favorite iteration is the one found in FFTA/2, but if I had to choose one of those listed, it’d be Quina, as a/he comes closest mechanically.

    Red Mage - definitely Terra. She fits the bill far more than a Black Mage as she’s got offensive and defensive spells across the board and favors swords. And unlike most red mages, she doesn’t feel like a master of bone. Celes is her twin in that regard and could have easily taken this spot, and I love them both as characters, with Terra getting just slightly more recognition. Special mention goes to Fran. I know I know, but I made her a Red Battlemage in my playthrough and, if you think about it, she fits the bill. She starts with fire and cure magic, as well as a bow, not to mention her stats are fairly even across the board and the Red Mage was a class exclusive to the Viera in TA/2.

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    White Mage - Y'shtola, FFXIV
    Sure, she starts out a bit stale, but over time she gets more and more enjoyable as a character, and gets some great moments in the story.
    She's also a catgirl.

    Black Mage - Vivi, FFIX
    Nothing to be said here

    Blue Mage - Quistis, FFVIII
    Honestly, I'm not a fan of the personality of any of the series' blue mages. Maybe FFXIV will change this at some point
    Anyway, that's why Quistis wins, at least she's a looker.

    Red Mage - Alisaie, FFXIV
    Again, starts out pretty stale, but both her personality and combat powers grow steadily over the course of the game and its expansions, so she's pretty badass now.

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    White - Probably Rosa. She's really complete as a white mage and can do many spells, and do most of them on all the party at the same time, which is really useful.
    Black - I don't think Terra should have been in that category because she does many greats healing spells too, but from your list, I will say it's a tie between her and Vivi because they're both incredibly strong.
    Blue - Quina, but maybe it's because they're the one I use the most, because Strago is quite great too.
    Red - Celes for sure. She's so strong and badass and could kick pretty much anyone's ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Golbez View Post
    How could you miss Vivi from the list of black mages? He's the quintessential black mage! Only black mage in the series besides nameless mages (well named by the player) to wear the black mage garb.
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    White is Minwu for easily being the best character of his game, and for often being forgotten as one of the few male white mages. I like how his outfit is different from the typical white mage garb as well.

    For black I'll go with Terra. I haven't played much of VI but from what I did get through she seemed alright and it was nice to have a female protagonist? for a change.

    Blue will be Quistis simply because the only other named one I'm familiar with (outside of assigning the class like in V) is Quina, who I really didn't think was the great of a character. Would Kimahri from X count for this since his lancet into stealing skills for his ult is kind of similar to how blue mages learn their magic by getting hit by it?

    For Red I'll go with Rydia since I always thought she was a pretty cool character.

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