Earlier in the year, I think it was, I purchased an Elgato HD60s screen recorder, and later an HDCP splitter (can't think or check which type at the moment - will update this if it's important.)

I have tried recording on them, and it works, and looks fine when viewed on the Elgato programme itself, but when I view it on Windows Media Player, or more importantly, on my video editor programme (whichever one I use) it lags and freezes, and thus soon goes out of synch with the sound.

Is there something I can do to avoid this? I don't want to edit my videos in the Elgato programme itself, because I need everything in the programme I use (Sony Vegas.) Is there something I need to do with the programme to stop it lagging?

Also, as a bonus, can I make the footage I have already recorded stop lagging as well? I understand if this isn't possible, but I'm sure you'll all agree it's annoying to have recorded footage that you can't use.