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Thread: Your Newbies Guide to FF !

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    Default Your Newbies Guide to FF !

    I think the best question would be: What do you like most about your games?

    The story, gameplay ( action, job class or turn-based ?), linear or open world? Graphics: important or not?

    Story is most important !

    Then it would best to start with either Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, and/ or Final Fantasy X. Unfortunately the story is never always too strong within a Final Fantasy title, they are not epic works of professional literature anytime soon. They are rocky, and sometimes messy and confusing. Still. These Final Fantasies have beautiful and touching stories.

    If you prefer your Final Fantasy stories to be more idyllic. Then Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VIII is in more that direction.

    If you prefer your Final Fantasy stories to be more political? Then Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

    If you prefer your Final Fantasy stories to be more about friendship or family than love? Then Final Fantasy XIII and/or Final Fantasy XV.

    Avoid. Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy V, as your starting points.

    Where do I find these

    I highly recommend Final Fantasy VI on the PlayStation store and playing it via PSP, you can get it via Steam. However, the graphics change can be hate it or love it.

    Final Fantasy VII can be found on the PlayStation Store ( PS4), and it's also coming to Nintendo Switch.

    Final Fantasy IX is best via Steam. It can also be on the PlayStation store and played via PSP.

    Final Fantasy X HD can be found on the PSP and Steam and PS4.

    Gameplay. It HAS to be action, or at least somewhat fast!

    Then Final Fantasy XV sounds like your best starting point! You could also maybe take a look at the Final Fantasy XIII series or Final Fantasy XII. Final Fantasy XV is straight ARPG, while FFXIII is (sort of ) "turn based " it's speedy fast. FFXII has a more "offline online RPG " like system, and can be fast.

    Where can I find these games ?

    Final Fantasy XV JUST came out on the PS4 ! You can pick up the Royal Collection today.

    Final Fantasy XIII is on the PS3/ 360, but if you have an Xbox One, you can buy the HD version !

    Gamplay. It HAS to be Classic Turn Based !

    Then Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2. Any of those could really be your starting point. If you want pure classic turn-based- then just FFI, FFIII, FFIV, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII and FFX. FF VIII and FFII liked to experiment a little bit.

    If you want/ don't want the Job Class System then: Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy XII ( Zodiac Age Version ) and Tactics could be good or not so good starting points.
    Most of the older Final Fantasies are Turn Based, so if you don't mind old graphics, you'll be spoiled for choice here !

    Where do I find these games ?

    Final Fantasy I/II is best on the PSP, but it's also found on the PlayStation and GBA.

    Final Fantasy III is best on the DS/ PSP or Steam.

    Final Fantasy IV is either best on the PSP or if you prefer more "3D" graphics, then Steam or DS/ 3DS.

    Final Fantasy V is best on the GBA, if you don't have one, then you can find it on Steam- though the graphics change *might* be a turn off. It is on the Playstation store and be played via PSP, though it's translation is very, very, very pisspoor.

    Final Fantasy VIII is best on PlayStation/ PlayStation Store, though if you *have* to get it by Steam, then I suggest getting the "Roses and Wine " mod to fix the midi music.

    What's this "Job Class System ?" I want to start with one of those type games !

    Then Final Fantasy V comes at a HIGH recommend! But there's also Final Fantasy III ( NES and DS), Final Fantasy Tactics, and Final Fantasy X-2. ( Though please start with FFX lol !)

    Final Fantasy III is very Nintendo Hard at points, so unless you like a challenge, I would recommend saving that for later. Tactics is a bit like the "Fire Emblem " Series- Tactical like gameplay, and Final Fantasy V just pure Job Class.

    There is also the sequel to Final Fantasy X, though, please play through FFX first!

    It has to be more Linear ! I can't stand Open World !

    The real question here is: How linear do you want it be ? Because if you are okay with a somewhat of an open world then FFIII- FFIX, should be okay for you. If you want it to be strongly linear- then FFX and FFXIII is your best bet!

    FFI and FFII have a lot more freedom, so it might feel more like an open world to you- though you can still try them out. I would strongly avoid Final Fantasy XV.

    It HAS to be Open
    World ! I cannot STAND Linear Games !

    Again, same question as above, but a little different. How Open do you want it to be ? If you want it to be fully "Modren " Open World, then Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XII is good too.
    If you are okay with a "little " open world, then you should be okay with any Final Fantasy really, though I would highly avoid Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy XIII.

    The Graphics HAVE to be somewhat good, or ew,
    no !

    Then this really shortens down your choices, because most Final Fantasy games came out during the late '80s or '90s, and while their graphics were supreme for the time, they have unfortunately aged with time.

    So that means, either ( FFX HD ), FFXII ( Zodiac Age ), FFXIII or FFXV.

    If you are okay with "somewhat " aged graphics, then FFX HD could be great! FFXII Zodiac Age is a nicely aged PS2 update as well, though you should enjoy FFXIII and FFXV. FFXIII is almost 10 years old, and it still looks really beautiful, and FFXV just came out recently and it looks beautiful.

    You might also be okay with FFVIII ( shown above ) and FFIX.

    Avoid : Final Fantasy I, II, II, IV, V, VI, and VII.

    You told me to avoid that/ these games, so should I always avoid
    them ? Are they bad ?

    No everybody's tastes are different- I highly suggest playing *all *
    manline Final Fantasies, and if you enjoy a certain FF, adventuring out to see if they have any sequels or prequels or even movies you might enjoy.
    Just that they might be a bad starting point for you.


    So what would your noobie guide be ?
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