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Thread: Auron and FFX-2

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    Default Auron and FFX-2

    If Auron somehow wanted to "go on " and he wanted to experience FFX-2, what do you think he'll think of the whole YRP group? Yes, this is a very important question.

    "You okay?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf Leonhart View Post

    Now this is what FFX-3 should be.

    "You okay?"

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    Auron would love seeing how happy Yuna is after Sin. It's what he and Braska and Jecht fought for.

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    I think he'd retired from fighting, having completed his journey for a second time (this time successfully).

    I really can't see him getting involved in the current events - New Yevon and Youth League would probably want him, but he'd find them too crude.

    I think he would become somewhat of a hermit, if only to avoid the celebrity.

    He wouldn't go back to monkhood due to his past but maybe something similar - maybe he'd work alongside Maechen or else pursue something similar alone.

    He would still be in touch with Yuna and keep an eye on her though. She would come visit him in his shack in the Macalania woods and help him fight monsters that are attacking his garden or something for a sidequest.

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