So with Kingdom Hearts III just around the corner, I find myself in an increasingly deeper a slump. No PS4 means no revisiting all the games in that sexy, sexy “The Story So Far” box set or getting the next game in time to play it before getting spoiled. It’s such a shame because in the end, Kingdom Hearts is my favorite overall game series of all time. So I’ve decided to entertain myself and maybe cheer up a bit by doing two things. One is replaying the DS titles - one of which I love to bits and the other I feel is one of the weaker parts of this excellent series though I do wish to give it another shot. The other is, well, this.

In this thread I’ll be posting some written pieces about each and every KH game in order, whether I’ve played them or not (I’ve played most and I’ve at least familiarized myself with the lore of others). These won’t be full-on reviews and will mostly serve as a recap so that I hope I can drum up some more hype for this game and give everyone a refresher on some of the more crucial story bits. For each game, I’ll be writing a more loosely organized thinkpiece, followed by a list of the most important things that happen in the game, my personal favorite story sequence in the game, as well as the gameplay highlights and lowlights. I’ll be going off the top of my head with all these, so they can be a bit chaotic, but I’ll do my best to research stuff I’m not certain on. We’ll finish each one off with an updated “play order” chart, just to make it extra cute for everyone

Keep in mind that I am a fan of these games. A big one. I unironically love this story and not even as a guilty pleasure. It’s one of my absolute favorite gaming experience in large part due to how crazy the twists get. Some games I like better than others but as a whole, this series gives me life. As such, expect joy and gushing from me. Some cynicism is of course welcome and to be expected (heck, judging by how the Master of Masters is written, I’m pretty sure Nomura himself is very much aware of the silliness that’s inherent to this series), but overall, I won’t be making another “KH’s Story is garbage and here’s why” hot take. Quite the opposite actually. Consider this your trigger warning

So yeah, hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I plan to and see you later today once I’ll be posting about the first game in the correct play order? What, o what game could it be?

~Play order~