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Thread: Corrupt Save File in FFVI GBA Cartidges

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    Default Corrupt Save File in FFVI GBA Cartidges

    I'm starting a new thread on this because I want to show that this is not a minor issue but a major problem with the GBA cartridge release.

    I was playing FFVI till I got to Sabin/Mash scenario as the third option raging on Veldt when the game crashed. I restarted the game and when I tried to reload it it my saved slot had not only been shown as empty but in the description it said "Corrupt saved file".

    This is the second time this has happened to me on a FFVI GBA cartridge. The last one I had I was in the World of Ruin in the mansion after saving Relm I saved the game in the first slot and when I restarted the "saved file got corrupted"

    I've heard a rumour that this can be avoided by saving in the third slot, is this true?

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    Not sure, I've never had the issue I'm afraid. Couldn't hurt to try the third slot and sorry to hear you lost all your data. I had that happen a few times on the SNES cartridge.

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