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Thread: Is HardType real?

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    Default Is HardType real?

    First of all, Hi!! I'm Katsuki ^.^

    All my life I recognized PSX as being hardtype and SNES as being easier. But I recently heard that the games are the same difficulty...??? I don't believe it.

    So is it real, or is there some kind of illusion, misunderstanding?

    Let me add since this is my first post, that FFIV is one of my favorite games, the mystic storyline and the way it feels like a performative story sometimes! A true fairtyale. Anyways, see you around!

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    The hardest version is the DS Remake and that is for sure, a Hard Type version of Final Fantasy IV. The PlayStation version from memory felt a little harder than the SNES original, but I didn't feel too much difference while with the DS Remake I had to sit down and think and some bosses even gave me a bit of trouble.

    If you want to step into the emulation world, I think there is a Hard Type version of the SNES Final Fantasy IV out there. But, yeah, if you want "Hard Type ", Final Fantasy IV, it's the DS Remake for reals.

    "You okay?"

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    Oh yeah, I heard that about the DS version.

    What I'm asking about particularly is the FFIV PSX vs. FFII SNES, and whether there's a difference (and what it is exactly) or if its a myth?

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    There's literally a "Hard Type" isn't there? I'll check on what it was, unless someone answers before I get back, but there is a "Hard Type" version out there, that even had a different look for the final boss (it's the same character, but he has a different form, or has an extra form or something.)

    It could be an emulation, though (it could also be an "Easy Type".)

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    There is no Hardtype, only an EasyType. "HardType" is basically the original game. When IV was originally released it was pretty challenging, so Square released an Easy version which had an altered sprite for the final boss and changed a few things around. The SNES version of IV (FFII for you oldbies) is similar in difficulty with Easy Type but is still based on the original IV just with a lot of content stripped out and censorship. Easy Type is Japanese exclusive and has never been ported to the West officially, though some sprite assets from that game were re-used for the Lunar Trials in FFIV Advance. The PSX port of IV is the original Japanese version of IV just with all the game content and censorship changes restored as well as the difficulty. So the PSX version is technically "Hard Type" though no such moniker actually exists, it's more of a fan nickname.

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    Yes, I'm aware of that as well. I know FFIV PSX is the "original version" which is why its my favorite. I just wanted clarification on whether they actually nerfed the US release for SNES... seems like they did! Thanks for answering. Not sure why my source said that it was a mythical phenomenon.

    Also thanks for the bit of info about the actual JP easytype. I didn't know that!

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