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Thread: Pokemon Tournament Resurgence 2 thingy bad title

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    Default Pokemon Tournament Resurgence 2 thingy bad title

    Hello! You may all be aware that a time before i tried to do a second pokemon tournament, However due to real life issues with a couple of us it fell through the cracks. This time however i will take on all the responsibility! No that does not mean it will go horribly wrong.... Ok it probably will but it will be fun!
    Fynns classic tournament was really fun so i hope i can live up to good time.
    If anyone would like to take part let me know. I think i will put a 2 or 3 week deadline on this thread as i am unsure of how popular it may be.
    This post is definitely not living up to the old tournaments name!

    Anyway. yes context.
    I will make a bunch of eggs, randomize them you know the usual. Since Gen 8 isnt out until later i get to make this still on the 3ds hyeh hyeh. So you will need Sun Moon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon to take part. Unlike Skyblades pro choices though, you may be surprised at what can appear in your egg > (oh and remember it can be Shiny!). And No held items.
    As for the Reward, well. You get a shiny of your choice! (Mythical and Legendaries are unfortunatley exempt. But i hope you come for the tournament and not specifically for the rewards )
    So Sign up here please and thank you. I apologize for the crude posting, If we manage to get to phase 2 of this operation you can bet it will definitely be more organized. And if it we dont well... Ill go back to hunting shinies like a weirdo !

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    I am totally in!

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