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Thread: What if there is no 4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Depression Moon View Post
    I'd be fine if the series just ended. I haven't played III yet though. How is it?

    I'm loving it, though a lot of people are feeling disappointed with it. I would play it for yourself and experience it on your own and not just go with what the internet says, because sometimes what the internet says, is just a bandwagon in disguise.

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    What is the more exciting aspect of this arc's ending given what those who have completed 3 (or watched the end video online) now know of its potential future?
    Should we be more excited for a story of (SPOILER)Luxu and the Foretellers or for visiting (SPOILER)the world of Verum Rex as revealed in the secret ending. My heart sways toward the latter personally.

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    I stand by my theory that the secret ending is actually a teaser for DLC, not a new game. (SPOILER)Plus, pretty sure it teased two worlds: one for Verum Rex, and one for TWEWY, since it was specifically the 104 building (not any other variant of the IRL 109) that was shown front and venter.

    (SPOILER)I am really interested where they're going with Luxu and the Foretellers, though. With all that build up with Back Cover and Union X, I really didn't expect them to end up as antagonists, which it looks like it's going to end up as. Also, calling it now: Sora is the Master of Masters.

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    Yea, (SPOILER)looks like Sora is in the TWEWY world. And Riku is in the Verum Rex world with Yozora and MoM.

    I hope there's a DLC. I'm Lv99 with Ultima Weapon and nothing left to smack.

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    I hope they release DLC that adds a critical mode and some challenging enemies to defeat, because as the game is the difficulty is a freaking joke.

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