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Thread: Chrono Cross vs. Final Fantasy VIII

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    I thought this thread was going to be about which title you'd prefer to receive Remake treatment next... obviously assuming VII is completed first or that the team can work on a new remake alongside VII Part 2 simultaneously without losing output speed or quality of design. With that in mind, my initial thought was "damn! This is a hard one" and besides being what she also said, I was struck by how desperately I want for both titles to get remakes. I mean there are plenty of fans who would rather first see FF6 or CT remade, but my own experience was first with 8 and CC so those are the titles I prioritize.

    Anyway, as to which game is better as it currently exists, as has been repeated in this thread already, both have massive pros AND cons.

    CC has way too many characters, mostly none of whom serve any purpose in the narrative. 8's characters are all involved in the plot yet aside from Squall and Rinoa, the group feels pretty dull in design. Zell, Laguna, Kiros, and even Fujin are all kind of interesting too but that's still not saying much. I would have liked Seifer to have been more involved in the plot. I find the most interesting original creation of VIII was Eden, the First Garden.

    In CC I enjoyed the concept of the battle system more than its actual execution. I enjoyed all the various ways you had to go about recruiting characters (mostly) because I don't really like characters being shoehorned into my group by "the plot". I just wish that the characters felt more important. Guile, Pierre, Zappa, Radius, Glenn, Steena, Doc, and even Nikki feel like they have some role in the plot. One of the reasons I don't prefer to play games like FFT or NIS titles is because most of your recruits are not only inconsequential to the plot but usually nameless. I like being introduced to a large cast of characters and I like being able to have them in my party even temporarily, but where the "-bit" generation of games succeeded was in these "guest" characters' relevance to the plot. I mean, realistically, you're not going to have an army following you around on your quest or have them available at your beckoning whenever you feel like being weird. Even in the case of Argonauts journey, you have to select your party based on the events at hand.

    Now I'm ranting and I've lost my train of thought.
    Jack: How do you know?

    Will: It's more of a feeling really.

    Jack: Well, that's not scientific. Feeling isn't knowing. Feeling is believing. If you believe it, you can't know because there's no knowing what you believe. Then again, no one should believe what they know either. Once you know anything that anything becomes unbelievable if only by virtue of the fact you now... know it. You know?

    Will: No.

    If Demolition Man were remade today

    Huxley: What's wrong? You broke contact.
    Spartan: Contact? I didn't even touch you.
    Huxley: Don't you want to make love?
    Spartan: Is that what you call this? Why don't we just do it the old-fashioned way?
    Huxley: NO!
    Spartan: Whoa! Okay, calm down.
    Huxley: Don't tell me to calm down!
    Spartan: What's gotten into you? 'Cause it sure as hell wasn't me.
    Huxley: Physical relations in the way of intercourse are no longer acceptable John Spartan.
    Spartan: What? Why the hell not?
    Huxley: It's the law, John. And for your information, the very idea that you suggested it makes me feel personally violated.
    Spartan: Wait a minute... violated? Huxley what the hell are you accusing me of here?
    Huxley: You need to leave, John.
    Spartan: But Huxley.
    Huxley: Get out!
    Moments later Spartan is arrested for "violating" Huxley.

    By the way, that's called satire. Get over it.

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    The starting party members in FFT do have names. They're just randomly generated. Anyway I typically phase them out over the course of the game in favor of story characters. Unfortunately the story characters typically lose all connection to the story and even dialogue once they join your party.

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    I recently replayed Chrono Cross with my partner on stream, and both of us felt very confused by the plot twists at (SPOILER)Chronopolis. This isn't a knock against the game at all, and I admittedly find its atmosphere too enjoyable to dislike it. But a very significant portion of the game's plot seemed to happen right at the very end, and I'm personally still confused as to who, or (SPOILER)what the children at the beach are or why they appeared, as thankful as I am for their exposition. Unfortunately, I haven't played Final Fantasy 8, so I can't say which I like better.

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    To be fair, both CC and FFVIII had plot twists that did not make a lot of sense compared to how the game was going before that.

    This is actually a fantastic questions. In the end I would probably give it to FFVIII since I had more fun in it overall. CC had the fun aspect of character collecting and trying to get everyone's best weapon and element, but most of the characters were not that useful anyway. FFVIII had some more variety in the side content with acquiring the higher tier GFs and Triple Triad. The music and plot I would rate about the same.

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