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    Default Final Fantasy Oscars

    If there was a Final Fantasy Oscars what and who would you give the awards too? And why?

    Best Final Fantasy Game.

    Best Final Fantasy Soundtrack.

    Best Final Fantasy Female.

    Best Final Fantasy Male.

    Best Well-Dressed Final Fantasy Character.

    Funniest Final Fantasy Moment

    Most Romantic Final Fantasy Moment

    "Most Tragic " Death.

    Best Final Fantasy ''Animal ''.

    Best Final Fantasy Couple/ Relationship.

    Best Final Fantasy Villian.

    Most Frightening Final Fantasy Moment.

    Best Final Fantasy Ending.

    And of course, Best Final Fantasy Movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn View Post
    Did you mean: Ciddies?

    But this is different... ???

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    I know but the categories honestly remind me more of that than the Oscars Itís to be expected, honestly

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    One of my favorite threads. The characters won ciddies, I think at one point even Square promoted it:!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Wolf Leonhart View Post
    One of my favorite threads. The characters won ciddies, I think at one point even Square promoted it:!

    That was 2012. We need an update! We all thought that the world was going to end then.

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    Best FF game - FFVII. Just all around my favorite. Particularly the story because I really like the lifestream concept and Christ figure Aeris.

    Best soundtrack -Incredibly hard. I'd probably go with FFVII again on the strength of the main theme and Aeris, but both FFVI and FFVIII are really close. Heck even FFIV is close.

    Best Final Fantasy Female - This is likely going to become a broken record theme here, but I think I have to go with Terra. My runner-up is Aeris, but even though I really love Aeris thematically, she's a bit more one note than Terra. Terra is the first female main character of the series (suck it FFVI MC deniers) and deserves recognition for that alone. She is not only developed in terms of exploring the mysteries of her character and origin, but grows significantly throughout the plot, particularly in the shift in her character from WOB to WOR.

    Best Final Fantasy Male - I also have a few potential favorites here, including Squall who I think is one of the most thoroughly developed characters in the series due to all his introspection and Vivi who is just so loveable and at the same time deep, melancholic. If there's anyone I'd want to root for, it's Vivi. However, my choice in this category is Laguna. He's just such a positive inspiring character. He's even kind of arrogant, but he pulls it off in such a goofy, affable way that it's impossible to dislike him for it. He's just fun to laugh both at and with.

    Best Well-dressed FF character - Uh... I don't know. Edea? Golbez is pretty badass too.

    Funniest Final Fantasy Moment - Oh wow. This one's really hard. Maybe the Gau Mr. Thou scene or Wall Market.

    Most Romantic Moment - No idea. I'm just gonna go with the same thing as my favorite couple (spoilers). Laguna proposing to Raine.

    Most Tragic Death - Definitely Aeris. I suppose tragic can be thought of in a lot of ways, but this is by far the death that affected me the most emotionally. Actually most tragic might be Vivi because he lived a short life by design and his death was just glossed over almost.

    Best Final Fantasy Animal - Not really sure what this means are we going for characters or species? I'll go with chocobos. They're iconic for the series with a more sustained presence than Moogles and a new rendition of their beloved theme in basically every new entry.

    Best Final Fantasy Couple - Laguna and Raine. I always appreciated the contrast of the more "real" relationship of Laguna and Raine vs the infatuation (even if it was two-sided) of Laguna and Julia.

    Best Final Fantasy Villain - Sephiroth. Yeah, I said it. Bite me, haters. Yeah, it definitely doesn't hurt that from the moment of his introduction he oozes cool and they make sure to put you in proper awe of his power. He has the look and tone down and that's not for nothing but that's not all. Sephiroth is the personified hubris of Shinra. Just as they thought they could get away with unfettered use of Mako energy without repercussions, they also believed they could use a dangerous alien to make the perfect weapon and control it. I love Sephiroth for being the embodiment of Shinra's comeuppance.

    Most Frightening FF Moment - Cid the Ghost (FF3)

    Best FF Ending - I think I have to go with FFVIII here. It was just the most thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying ending of any FF game. From the little glimpses of characters' lives with Seifer looking wistfully but happily at passing Garden, Laguna recalling his life with Raine, etc. to the end credits graduation ceremony it strikes the perfect balance of comedy and tearjerker.

    Best FF Movie - Haha. What? The Spirits Within I guess. Honestly, I think this movie gets a bad rap. It has some missteps, but overall I think it's pretty decent. I get it wasn't what people expected, but what people expected probably would have turned out more like it's trout competition in this category. It goes without saying (or should) that Spirits Within is way better than the repulsive turd that is Advent Children. Not only is Advent Children a terrible, completely unnecessary add-on to FF7, but allowing it to exist canonically actively makes FF7 worse. Thus, I refuse to acknowledge canonical existence of Advent Children or any other part of the compilation other than FF7 itself.

    So what? I'm the only person who's going to write something other than referencing some old weird roleplaying thread?
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    And the Winner is...

    Best Final Fantasy Movie - The Spirits Within: Largely because it remembers the most important thing about film, which is to have a real story with human drama as opposed to being just a special effects laden fight scene extravaganza that is Advent Children and Kingsglaive. Most people hated Cloud's portrayal in AC along with most of the returning cast who seemed off from their game versions, and did anyone even care about the cast of Kingsglaive? TSW is far from perfect, and the animation veers into uncanny valley far too often but the film still has more of an emotional pull and down to earth cast that keeps you sympathetic to what's actually going on in the story. I also usually get hyped to replay VII and IX whenever I watch this film whereas the other two films really don't.

    Best Ending - Final Fantasy IX: I feel this ending hits all the right points of what makes people love the series. It's got a not so surprising but still satisfying twist that brings joy to the player as they see the conclusion of the romance subplot, the game gives an overview of what happened to everyone after the boss died, and their's a tinge of bitter-sweetness from learning the narrator is a deceased Vivi. All this comes crashing down into a sheer emotional crescendo as you listen to the beautiful Melodies of Life segue into the Main Theme of Final Fantasy. IX was a celebration of the series, and for some fans, the end of an era, and this ending perfectly encapsulates it all.

    Most Frightening Moment - Blind Ignis: Final Fantasy XV is a largely divisive game that fans still mull over and criticize to this day, but if there is one moment I felt the game executed perfectly and did well, it was witnessing the aftermath of the party's adventures in Altissa. Already hit with several blows to the team's morale, nothing really prepares you for the fact that stalwart Ignis was horribly maimed and the game shows you the consequences in all it's gut wrenching glory as Ignis tries to get used to going through life without eye sight. He stumbles and falls if you try to run, he swings wildly and inaccurately in fights hoping to hit something, and his main task of cooking is left up to the other three heroes who can only muster up a can of beans, all this while venturing into a musty cave where the game's first Malboro resides. The true horror of this moment is really the fact that it erodes the player's sense of "everything is going to be alright" mentality, and you start to question if more terrible things will come.

    Best Final Fantasy Villain - Kefka Palazzo: Kefka is still one of the better developed villains in the series in terms of just having the best presence in the story and being able to illicit a wide range of emotional responses from the player. He's not beneath serving as comic relief, but when he needs to play the villain he brings it with a psychotic childish glee that imprinted itself on an entire generation of gamers. Even though the major plot twist of this "lackey" winding up being the main villain has been spoiled for decades now, it never stops that feeling of horror when he does wrestle the power of gods from the Emperor as you witness a bad situation fall into the worst case scenario. All villains accomplish their main goal to acquire power within the story, but I still feel Kefka more than any other really captures the "oh trout"moment the best because he's presented from the beginning as an unhinged mass murderer who really is only in it for the trouts and giggles as opposed to just a god complex or thirst for power. The fact he's also one of the wittier characters in the game just adds to his charm.

    Best Final Fantasy Couple - Locke and Celes
    : I've never felt like FF has ever done romance terribly well, especially of the "boy meets girl" variety. Love triangles on the other hand, they do splendidly and the series second foray into the matter may be one of their best attempts. It's actually fun watching Locke defrost the initial ice queen that is Celes, and it's tragically but not entirely unrealistic to watch this growing relationship stall because of Locke's guilt and longing for a former lover. This story cold have easily been devolved into s simple conflict of their nationality, but instead the real drama comes from their weaknesses as human beings. Celes conflicted with her ideals of being a soldier and not thinking of herself as much of a woman versus Locke's emotional need to protect women based on his guilt from failing his fiance. Their story is drama done right because while they find themselves in a fantastic situation, the drama is all real and relateable.

    Best Final Fantasy Animal - Moogles
    : Moogles are still one of the best fantasy creatures to come out of the series, largely because they can fulfill multiple positions and have had a wide range of roles throughout the series as whole being party members, generic animal creatures, save points, and basic comic relief. Their range is their strongest aspect in comparison to the other creatures in the series who either had limited appearances or largely fulfill the same role in subsequent entries. IX is still their magnum opus.

    Most Tragic Death - Aerith
    : Regardless of how one may feel about her, the sheer craftsmanship of her death scene is one of the most haunting moments in the series. Her death has become so iconic that SE has never really attempted to kill a main playable party member mid-game since.

    Most Romantic Moment - Laguna proposing to Raine: It's really bittersweet as a flashback, but it's one of the most touching scenes in VIII's ending. There are certainly more grand gestures in the series, but I like the simplicity of this scene and the fact that at the end of the day, these were two people who really needed each other and complimented each other well.

    Funniest Moment - Bartz arguing with the Sage Ghido
    : Tough category, but watching the dim-witted Bartz get totally verbally skewered by the witty Ghido whose barbs lampshades the genre conventions in a fourth wall breaking moment is absolute gold.

    Best Dressed Character - Setzer Gabbiani: It helps he's co-designed between Amano and Nomura. Setzer is easily one of the most stylish looking characters in the series.

    Best Male - Ramza Beoulve: Probably one of the greatest character arcs in the series history, Ramza is a tragic tale of broken friendships, fraticide, heresy, and sticking to ones ideals in a world where most people are too quick to take the easier road of morality. It contrasts so well with his supporting actor or Delita Hyraal who serves as a counterpoint to Ramza's idealism and witnessing their conflicting journeys creates one of the most satisfying character arcs in FF history.

    Best Female - Ashelia B'Nargin Dalmasca: Lady Ashe is a female lead who is often overlooked by her more boring contemporaries or misdirected successors. Ashe largely breaks both the conventions of her role as both a female lead, and princess character, and as the moral center of a main protagonist and she does this beautifully with a tragic story that makes it fit so perfectly that most people don't even realize how much she's actually both a deconstruction and reconstruction of the gender and RPG cliches she represents. She fights her own battles, is headstrong enough to not be overshadowed by the male leads of her plot, her moral dilemma is the crux of the entire story, and she skillfully shows that a female character can still hold onto the emotional vulnerability often associated with her gender stereotype and still not be dominated by it as her main source of conflict. She is the heroine the series needed and the one fans didn't deserve.

    Best Soundtrack - Final Fantasy VI: Without a doubt, VI was Nobuo Uematsu's greatest work within the franchise. The fact he was capable of bringing it forth with limited technology and even had to pioneer a few new programs to get the sound he really wanted is a showcase of the craftsmanship that went into this game. It helps even Uematsu has proclaimed that he was uncertain how he was ever going to top it. He begins an experimental score that mixes classic Baroque and Romantic composition with more modern day blues, spaghetti western, rockabilly, and most famously Italian opera.

    Best Game - Final Fantasy VI: I'll simply let a younger version of me explain this.

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    Best Final Fantasy Game - FFVI

    Best Final Fantasy Soundtrack - To You (FFX-2 Last Mission)

    Best Final Fantasy Female - Terra (Pointy Boobs)

    Best Final Fantasy Male - Umaro (Hairy Muscles)

    Best Well-Dressed Final Fantasy Character - Kuja (Thongs)

    Funniest Final Fantasy Moment - Any moments with Palmer (Lard)

    Most Romantic Final Fantasy Moment - Any moments with Seifer and Zell (Hotdogs fest)

    "Most Tragic " Death - Yu Yevon (Parasite must die)

    Best Final Fantasy ''Animal ''.- Don Corneo (SEX ANIMAL)

    Best Final Fantasy Couple/ Relationship. - Zell & his Hotdogs

    Best Final Fantasy Villian - Kefka (God of Magic!)

    Most Frightening Final Fantasy Moment. - Any moments without Quina.

    Best Final Fantasy Ending. - FFX (Tidus ditching the bitch by jumping off an airship)

    And of course, Best Final Fantasy Movie. - Advent Children (BIG SWORD VS LONG SWORD with motobikes)

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