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Thread: The Zodiac Age is coming to X Box One and Switch with some new features.

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    Moogle The Zodiac Age is coming to X Box One and Switch with some new features.

    Square-Enix has announced that the PS4/PC HD remaster of FFXII needs to come out for more consoles. Spreading the love and all that. The real interesting thing is that the game will come with a few new features that at the moment are exclusive to these versions.

    • License Reset Function: Feel like you messed up with job classes when assigning them? Well now you can go to Montblanc and he can reset your choices for you so you can experiment with more class combinations.
    • Additional Gambit Slots: Now you have more leg room to customize your party members into death machines.
    • Improved New Game +: A new mode that allows you to start with all your party members at Lv. 90 and carry over some items and equipment for a breezy mode for players who simply want to enjoy the story.
    • 60FPS: For X Box One players only, you can actually play the game at 60fps.

    So is this enticing enough for some people to want to double dip?

    Source: Siliconera

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