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Thread: Final Fantasy and the Toxic Fanbase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loony BoB View Post
    I gotta say that WK and Fynn are definitely right up there with the most anti-new-FF people in recent years. I can understand why they don't like how FF has been because I don't like every game in the series and I'm sure they see the newer games like I see the battle system of FFII, for example. But I have an innate habit of focusing on things I like and also have a seemingly lucky ability to enjoy things others don't, maybe lower standards or something. xD
    To be fair, I actually liked FFXV. Perhaps it didn't crack my all time favorite, and it did feature some game design choices I don't particularly care for, but I did actually enjoy it. My beef is really more with XIII.

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    I think all fandoms have toxic bubbles. I think fandom itself is inherently toxic - people take their obsession too far. It's a natural side effect of being so personally tied to a thing. Someone else is personally tied to your thing in a different way, and that makes them a problem. However, I suspect different media will trend more toxic than others. I would hazard to guess that outside of some small bubbles of toxicity, FF has a nicer fanbase than most others I can think of.

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    Well, after all, fan is literally an abbreviation for fanatic, so taking the obsession too far is kind of in the description. Granted, in modern parlance, "fan" tends to take on a less pejorative and less extreme connotation than "fanatic." Nevertheless, there's no mystery behind that origin. It's pretty easy to see why devotees of particular works would be referred to as fanatics.

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    One thing I will say is that when we went to Kupo Con in Glasgow, the fans all seemed to really support each other and were really friendly. We didn't approach all that many and start up conversation of course, but just the ones we did talk to were really chatty and friendly. It was admittedly a bit of a nerdy affair by nature but it was great.
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