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Thread: Eoff Sidequest/Mini-game Contest 2019: Round 6

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    Moogle Eoff Sidequest/Mini-game Contest 2019: Round 6

    Wholesome Family fun is the name of the game today!

    Jump Rope: Despite being pretty snazzy with Rhythm style games, I've never gotten the hang of this dastardly simple game.Jump Rope is a mini-game that nets you prizes the longer you go without screwing up, and it's exclusive to Vivi and Eiko. Did anyone go the full way and earn themselves the Jump Rope Champ trophy?

    Gau's Family Reunion
    : This event doesn't nab you any kind of special award besides some soul crushing closure to a lingering plot thread. Wild child Gau was kicked out of his home thanks to his disillusioned father grieving his beloved wife's death. It doesn't take long to figure out who that person is. If you ever bring Gau to his old man't house, you are treated to a special story scene where the party tries to reunite the estranged pair. The longer you wait to do this sequence the more interesting it gets as the various party members interact to figure out the best way to dress up Gau for his tearful reunion. I won't spoil how it ends for you though.
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    Jump rope game was incredibly annoying and not fun to me. This is not particular to FF9. I've seen jump rope minigames in other games. They are never good.

    Gau's family reunion is one the best humorous scenes in FFVI (even if it's also sad) and better the more party members you have.
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    I've not played more than maybe an hour of FFVI. But.




    Gau wins by default for me.

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    Gau's family reunion for sure. This is so beautiful and sad

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