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    I go by the name Ayn now (or AynZsa in some places if Ayn is taken) but in the early 2000s I went by the name Maestro. I came here for two reasons.

    firstly I am a fan of final fantasy. First played ff7 back in late 1999 or early 2000. (Kinda makes me feel old huh)

    secondly i I saw a few people here talk of ffrepublic. I was one of the members there when it was starting out and still under a couple hundred members. I havenít been on forums much the last ten to twelve years but when I tried to return I saw it was under new management, been hacked a few times and trouble even finding the site to begin with. Was hoping to reconnect with some of the original members like the founder kula and the chrono twins etc. I used to post heaps but havenít Been on for like 12 years. The last six have had me doing the whole family thing.

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    Welcome! We're not as busy as we used to be but we're arouund. Welcome

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    Yeah between kids and work - I have been online a bit sporadically myself

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    Welcome and hope you enjoy posting here.
    Bow before the mighty Javoo!

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    Hi and welcome to EOFF !

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