In desperate need of a full-overhauled remake maybe even moreso than the FF7 remake.


For most of the game, you only have three party members and the occasional fourth joiner because the original fourth friend Leon decided to ditch you and go evil. This isn't how a fantasy is supposed to play out... is it?


Cloud of Darkness was lame.


I always hated being forced to change to Paladin. I'd already gotten used to Cecil as a Dark Knight. If anything, maybe the change should have come much sooner.


I hate the villain's name. I've always hated the villain's name. I hate anyone who defends it as well. It does not suit FF's fantasy theme. It sounds more like the lead singer of a death metal band or a goth-styled prestidigitarian claiming to have a contract with Satan.


I hate Kefka. I think I just don't like his design. Other clown villains have been better approached. The original incarnation of Sweet Tooth measures about the same. Then again, I didn't like the TMB version either.


I love Genesis. If he doesn't show up in the Remake, I will find a way to acquire his copyright to do with hin what I pleasure. (Lol)


Should have stuck with the original script concept that a virus killed everyone once they reached their 20s. More interesting. Easier to explain the school of teenaged soldiers.


I never thought Dagger was a suitable name for a character who continued to be a white mage. Literally any other class (thief, warrior, berserker, paladin, BLACK MAGE)

Also, I liked Necron.


I liked Lulu's lightning challenge. (that's a lie, I want to kill the man who came up with it.)


I hate MMOs. I hate that SE decided to force its fanbase to choose between playing a main title as part of a mmo or not playing it at all.


I feel like Fran was annoying. Then again, it's hard for me to count any character in this installment as less than annoying in one way or another.


I like Lightning. I honestly feel by what I've read in the past that this is the unpopular opinion. Of course, I base this mostly on her physical design. I also like genderbend Lightning. And Cloud in Lightning's clothes.


Read my bit for XI. Need no more say words.


Creators should have had faith in its core release rather than desperately releasing DLC after DLC. The core game and story were good enough as is.


Should be Agni's Philosophy