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Thread: Hope is the biggest idiot

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    Default Hope is the biggest idiot

    NPC: If you had seeds, you could grow Gyshal Greens to feed the chocobo.
    Hope: You should grown Gyshal Greens to feed the chocobo!
    Lightning picks up seeds.
    Hope: You should plant them.
    Lightning plants and grows Gyshal Greens.
    Hope: You should feed them to the chocobo!

    Some random NPC tells me what they need done.
    Hopes repeats them almost verbatum.

    The whole game with this. Everytime anything happens, he pipes up and just repeats what just happened. But this shining moment of dumbassery is in the Underground Ruins. He gives us the mission to view the three murals to open the path. After some padding to pick up the doohickey to actually view the mural. He pipes up to say this: "The door reacted to the piece you picked up! Maybe it'll open if you find all three." I'm just like, "YOU! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO TOLD US TO DO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE!" I am halfway through the eighth day and I want to strangle this kid.

    Like, what happened? He was so good at the end of XIII and all of XIII-2.

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    lol I always had issues with Hope, but I agree with the argument of his jumping off a cliff in XIII-3.

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    Yeah, I was never a fan of Hope to begin with, but he's definitely a shadow of his former self in Lightning Returns. If I were to guess, I'd say it's because they shoehorned him into the role of Bhunivelze's puppet rather than giving him an actual story arc. It's hard to write good dialog for a character that doesn't really have any motivations.
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    I really like Hope. Of course, he's a shadow of himself in Lightning Returns because of Bhunivelze, but I like his character development through the trilogy so damn much.

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