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Thread: It's the little things.

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    Default It's the little things.

    I haven't played this game in years and saw it was on the Switch, so I picked it up and have been playing through it again, and there are a lot of little things I'm noticing here and there I really appreciate -- Cloud's random shrugs and emotes when you click buttons during the Junon ceremony, kicking the ball into Red XIII and Hojo on the beach in Costa del Sol, ect. The most recent thing I hit were the different animations everyone has after the Jenova-Life fight -- I normally have Cid and Yuffie or Vincent with me, but went with Tifa and Barret this time, and Tifa's is actually really sad.

    What are some of your favorite little details in the game?

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    Cloud's little sassy shrugs were adorable. Too bad we won't see that in the remake. Got to have Cloud cutting himself while listening to Linkin Park. /s

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    Man, I just got the sub and realized the crew inside are your parade buddies from earlier in the game -- they even play the parade music if you decide to fight them! They also guilt trip you via textbox in battle when you kill them. D': I had to reset and take them prisoner instead; I'm such a sentimental softie. T -T

    "I thank you!
    I am happy to be a hostage!"

    This game is cracking me up too much -- I really did not remember anywhere near the amount of humor here.


    I love how your pilot once you get the Highwind is freaking out about flying for the first time, but his dialogue becomes more relaxed the more familiar he becomes until the end of the game when he's all super chill about it. B)

    Also, love that helping out Elena and the Turks during Wutai changes her demeanor during the last encounter in Midgar and, despite her being the gung-ho member up until that point, she's the one that implies they should just ignore their orders and let you leave.

    Another amusing one: Yuffie has different insults for both Tifa and Cid when you try to recruit her, most amusingly referring to Tifa as 'Boobs' if you get her before heading to Mideel to find Cloud.

    And the last one I noticed today, and totally on the subject of squats: I love that Cloud tries to cheer Tifa up on the Highwind when they think they are alone by doing squats on the catwalk. It'd have been more fitting with Aeris, of course, since Tifa isn't with you when you get the wig, but it is pretty adorable all the same.


    I love that, at the start of the ending cutscene, Aeris' theme plays as the lifestream swirls around Cloud and the hand appears, but then it switches to Tifa's theme as he grabs it. It's a wonderful way of her saying goodbye and to move on. ^ _^ b
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    I tried playing FF7 differently last time I completed it, using Tifa, Yuffie and Cait Sith more than my usual "angry team only plays angry" men game.

    There were entire things I missed through this which made me feel serously nostalgic.

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    The real question is . . . did you get a laugh out of Cait Sith's animation after the Jenova LIFE fight. I died, man -- I feel like they knew people weren't going to use that character. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rez09 View Post
    The real question is . . . did you get a laugh out of Cait Sith's animation after the Jenova LIFE fight. I died, man -- I feel like they knew people weren't going to use that character. xD
    Damn. I want to do a Cait Sith playthrough now.

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    That's one charming thing I like about older games. Your party dialogue consists of whoever is in the battle party with you, as opposed to a cutscene playing and all 6 to 8 members having a discussion.

    I don't know that one's preferable to another, but I do like the incentive of using different people depending on where you go to see specific dialogue.

    I also love that 7th Heaven has a neon sign that says "Texas".

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    And is run by a 4 year old girl when the owner is away.

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