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Thread: EoFF Sidequest/Mini-game Contest 2019: Grand Finale

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    Dancing Chocobo EoFF Sidequest/Mini-game Contest 2019: Grand Finale

    Your votes have been cast and the final three have emerged. Vote for your favorite minigame/sidequest in the series!

    Cloud's Crosss-dressing


    Chocobo Hot n' Cold


    Triple Triad

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    This is a tough one. Cloud's cross-dressing I feel is the most iconic moment, but on the other hand it's just a moment of the game. Chocobo Hot and Cold is grander in scale and pervades the whole game. It never reaches the highs of Cloud's cross-dressing but it provides a lot more substance. Storywise Cloud's cross-dressing is much better. It's a fantastic humorous episode whereas hot and cold hardly adds to the story at all. As a mini-game Chocobo Hot and Cold is vastly superior. Oh and then there's Triple Triad, well not that. Then there's the consideration that if I vote for the third place choice I might incidentally hand Triple Triad the win, which would be the worst. Have to think on it.

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    Triple Triad. It's got everything you need in a minigame, it's genuinely excellent. For a game to be created from scratch that, for me, is on part with games that have been played IRL for centuries, says that they really did a fantastic job in creating something new.

    Chocobo Hot and Cold is bullcrap. I love chocobos and I hated that game.

    Cloud's Crossdressing is more a group of very small minigames or quests, and it's fun, but it's not on the level of Triple Triad. Only Blitzball comes close for me.
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    I mean, I'd have bought a Triple Triad spinoff game, and Chocobo Hot and Cold is . . . quite possibly my least favorite minigame in the series, so that's an easy pick. The crossdressing thing is pretty minor for a sidequest and I don't see it on par with Triad.

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    Cloud's crossdressing. My favorite ones didn't make it but this one is great hehe :P

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    Voted for FF8 Yu Gi Oh.

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