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    What's your least favourite Final Fantasy ? You know that you hate it or just dislike it the most out of all the other FFs, but now it's time to say something positive about it. What are some good things about your least favourite Final Fantasy/ Fantasies games ? You can include spin off titles, that you have a bitter taste towards as well.

    Final Fantasy XV.

    • The car/ road trip idea is fun and feels rather calming and refreshing and it just feels really soothing to just listen to classic Final Fantasy tunes while driving around with your male crew. I've always wanted to go on a long road trip with friends one day, and this just echoes that urge.
    • Prompto is charming, just his cheery and warm attitude, and how you can easily tell, that even if you haven't seen the anime you can see that deep down, he isn't actually as happy and peppy as he originally seems.
    • Music is one of the best in the series.

    Final Fantasy Tactics.

    • It's different and unique and it's welcoming to see Square step out of it's comfort zone.
    • Ramza is a cutie.
    • Agrias Oaks is a legend.

    Crisis Core.

    • Young Cloud, is cute ? I guess ?

    Your turn !

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    Final Fantasy XII - The graphics are nice. The gameplay can be kind of fun sometimes for a bit.

    Final Fantasy XIII - Linearity isn't inherently bad. L'Cie is a cool word, I suppose.

    Final Fantasy II - The party has characters, which is a step up from the previous game.

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    Final Fantasy X - I feel Spira is an interesting place. The wide range of culture within the game was well done even if I feel it runs in contrast to the world's history. Likewise, the CTB system is a great idea, I just wish the game had more challenge and focused more on manipulating turns.

    Final Fantasy XIII - Again, the overall concept is pretty neat, the plot just needed to slow down and spend more time getting the player adjusted to everything instead of just throwing them into it at break neck speed. The graphics aren't bad, and the music is serviceable.

    FFX-2 - Like it's predecessor, there are a lot of groovy ideas in this game that just needed some better refinement. I appreciate returning the job class system and the ability to switch classes mid-battle was a neat concept. Allowing the ability for characters and enemies to simultaneously attack was probably the game's greatest contribution to the series. I also liked the open ended nature of the game.

    Crisis Core - The remixes of the VII OST are pretty snazzy, as well as a few of the original themes. Cissinei is actually a fun character and a good foil for Zack. Some of the DMV abilities are pretty cool or at least fun. Materia melding is a neat idea, and I kind of hope it shows up in VIIR.

    FFXII: Revenant Wings - While the execution was terrible, I like the idea of an RTS FF title and Ivalice was a perfect franchise to base it on, they just chose the wrong entry.

    FFIV: The After Years - I honestly dig most of the new characters and enjoyed seeing what became of my beloved IV cast in the aftermath of their own grand adventure. The Band and Moon mechanics, while not terribly original, added a lot of depth to the game IV needed without breaking the difficulty. I also enjoyed the challenge of the game overall.

    FFTactics A2 - Most of the side story missions are fantastic. Despite not fixing the originals poor balance, the new classes are all really fun and the Gria and Seeq were super fun races. The FFXII cameos are much better in this game than they were in RW.
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    i'm not doing this, because then one of you smurfers will quote me saying i think ffviii is a passable game


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    Final Fantasy XIII - The combat system can be real fun and I appreciate at least the concept of a 'rating system' that incentivizes you to strategize beyond "turtle up and slowly whittle down the enemy's HP pool" and go for more efficiency.

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    I really love building characters. And I love this type of system. It just wasn't handled the best.
    Has a really awesome battle theme.

    I can't think of anything else from the series. I really don't hate II, I'm just meh towards it. It and XI are the only ones in the main series I haven't beaten. I used to hate VIII, but I replayed it again a couple years ago and I didn't love it. Again I liked building the characters with junction. I broke it by dumping everything in HP and VIT for Quistis and Mighty Guard and White Winded my way through everything. I'll just let Jinx handle it from here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
    i think ffviii is a passable game

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    Final Fantasy 2's password system is pretty bomb and I'm sad it didn't become a series staple.

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