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    Relm Something borrowed...

    What's an element, whether story or gameplay feature, from another series that you would like to see FF try to do their own spin on?
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    Wild Arms had that pretty sweet spell mixing thing, that might be nice to see.

    Valkyrie Profile 2 had a mechanic where elemental weapons used both strength and intelligence to calculate damage, and I'd love to see something like that worked into the series, so Red Mages might opt to use 'weaker' elemental weapons for greater impact, though I do feel the era of game where that would really shine is behind the company.

    Romancing SaGa had an implementation of the 'doom clock' I wouldn't mind seeing used in an FF game, where the world advances due to player action rather than narrative progress, though it might require a more open world design philosophy than the series generally employs. Lightning Returns does use a doom clock, but it uses a Valkyrie Profile one, fittingly so, and that's a different beast.

    Lufia had some Zelda-like puzzles in it; I wouldn't mind seeing something like that, though I do worry it might draw a bit of criticism for 'knocking off' another series' defining feature. Also on the Lufia front, I like that you can win a fight you aren't suppose to if you know what you are doing, and if you do so the boss has some unique dialogue and you get a rare piece of equipment, then the game continues as normal; I wouldn't mind seeing that.

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