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Thread: Favorite character from each FF game you've played.

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    Thumbs up Favorite character from each FF game you've played.

    Pick only 1 character that you could say is your favorite character from each FF game you've played. Go!
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    FF IV - Tellah
    FF V - Galuf
    FF VI - Shadow
    FF VII - Barret
    FF VIII - Squall
    FF IX - Vivi
    FF X - Rikku
    FF X-2 - Paine
    FF XII - Basch
    FF XIII - Sazh
    FF XIII-2 - Noel

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    FFXIV Character

    A'nutoh Tia (Sargatanas)
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    FFI - Matoya
    FFII - Minwu
    FFIII - Aria
    FFIV - Golbez
    FFV - Galuf
    FFVI - Cyan
    FFVII - Cid
    FFVIII - Squall
    FFIX - Vivi
    FFX - Kimahri
    FFX-2 - Paine
    FFXII - Basch
    FFXIII - Fang
    FFT - Ramza
    FFTA - Ritz
    FFTA2 - Hurdy

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    FFXIV Character

    Cattleya Paphia (Sargatanas)


    FFI - Garland
    FFII - Minwu
    FFIII - Refia
    FFIV - Tellah
    FFV - Faris
    FFVI - Edgar
    FFVII - Rufus
    FFVIII - Laguna
    FFIX - Zidane
    FFX - Rikku
    FFX-2 - Paine
    FFXI - Prishe
    FFXII - Balthier
    FFXIII - Snow
    FFXIII-2 - Alyssa
    Lightning Returns - Lumina
    FFXIV - Y'shtola
    FFXV - Aranea

    And for the heck of it, spin-offs:

    FF Mystic Quest - Phoebe
    FFT - Alma
    FFTA - Ritz
    FFTA2 - Adelle
    WoFF - Enna
    FF Type-0 - Seven

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    FF - Bikke the Pirate and surprised I be that anyone else could be chosen

    FF2 - ?

    FF3 - Cid the Ghost

    FF4 - Rydia

    FF5 - Faris

    FF6 - Kefka

    FF7 - Cloud

    FF8 - Laguna

    FF9 - Vivi

    FF10 - Auron

    FF12 - Balthier

    FF13 - ?

    FF15 - Ignis, I guess.

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    FFXIV Character

    Ekhi Ysengrim (Sargatanas)


    I - Black Belt
    II - Leila
    III - Xande
    IV - Rydia
    V - Faris (Ghido honorable mention)
    VI - Celes
    VII - Barret
    VIII - Laguna
    IX - Vivi
    X - Tidus
    XI - Prishe
    XII - Ashe
    XIII - Fang
    XIV - Y'syale
    XV - Gentiana

    X-2 - Yuna
    XIII-2 - Chocolina
    Lightning Returns - Snow

    Mystic Quest - Tristam
    Tactics - Agrias
    TA - Marche
    Type-0 - Cater

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    FFI - Garland
    FFII - Minwu, Maria
    FFIII - Dasch ?
    FFIV - Rydia, Cecil
    FFV - Bartz, Faris
    FFVI - Terra, Sabin
    FFVII - Aerith, Nanaki, Cloud.
    FFVIII - Rinoa, Squall, Zell
    FFIX - Zidane, Kuja
    FFX - Yuna, Auron, Kimahri
    FFX-2 - Yuna
    FFXII - Fran
    FFXIII - Sazh, Vanillie
    FFT - Ramza
    FFTA2 - Hurdy

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    1 - Garland
    2 - Maria
    3 - Nobody stands out
    4 - Kain
    5 - Bartz
    6 - Sabin
    7 - Rude
    8 - Ward
    9 - Beatrix
    10 - Auron
    10-2 - Uh, nobody.
    12 - Fran
    13 - The Jazz

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    FFI: Garland - Easily the most memorable named character in FFI

    FFII: Josef - Probably the most shocking death and one of my favorite guest party members.

    FFIII: Aria - see above, her theme is also one of III's best tracks.

    FFIV: Cecil Harvey - I always go back between Cecil and Kain on which one is my favorite characters.

    FFV: Faris Scherwiz - Awesome character with a good back story and combines most of the games awesome and funny moments. She also has many of my favorite outfits.

    FFVI: Terra Branford - Cool backstory, has some of the most interesting character moments in the game, and the best character in Magitek Armor bar none. Her theme is one of my favorites in the whole series.

    FFVII: Aerith Gainsborough - Again, I like her cool backstory, but honestly her upbeat attitude and how it plays off Cloud's taciturn personality that makes several of their moments together some of my favorite. She also has my favorite set of Limit Breaks among the cast.

    FFVIII: Squall Leonhart - A character who hits a little close to home for me, I feel Squall's personal journey of opening up is one of the better character arcs in the whole series.

    FFIX: Vivi Ornitier - Debatably one of my favorite characters in the whole series. Vivi is attached to most of my favorite moments in FFIX and his story arc is one of my absolute favorites within the series. He's also a badass Black Mage. If only his theme song was better...

    FFX: Auron - Ended up having one of the better back stories among the whole cast, and while his big secret was easy to figure out, it was still one of the more interesting moments in the game. His design is also my favorite among the cast.

    FFXII: Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca - The real heart of FFXII's plot and probably one of the most complex female leads in the series. It still makes me sad that Yuna and Lightning get more recognition than her.

    FFXIII: Sahz Katzroy - The lone redeeming factor for me in an otherwise awful game. Sahz is not only one of the few unique elements of XIII's plot, but he's attached to many of the games actual best moments. Shame the sequels dropped him like a rock.

    FFXV: Ignis Scientia - My favorite among the four man band. Ignis has the best quips and put downs, has the most fun moments with his cooking, my favorite limit break attacks, and is attached to many of the games most heart wrenching moments. Its hard not to like the guy.

    FFTactics: Ramza Beoulve - My favorite main character in the whole series, and one of the rare idealist main characters I truly like. Ramza is such a treat to watch throughout Tactics.

    Tactics Advance: Marche Radiuju - The heart of TA, how you feel about him will largely describe how you feel about TA in general.

    Tactics A2: The Four Kings - It may say something that my favorite characters are villains from one of my favorite side stories.

    The After Years: Ursala - I always had a soft spot for Yang and his daughter turned out not too different. She was one of my favorite chapters in this title.

    X-2: Paine - Despite resembling my ex, her disposition is closer to my own and she's one of the few elements of X-2 that doesn't make my eyes roll.

    Crisis Core: Zack Fair - I've always liked Zack and CC pretty much gave me the character I was expecting to get out of him. If I was relegated to original characters not from VII, Cissinei is my next choice.

    Mystic Quest: Tristam - I mean he's basically Edge to begin with.
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    FFIV: Kain
    FFIV The After Years: Kain, again :P but I also really like how Edge matured.
    FFV: Faris
    FFVI: Locke, who's my favorite FF character ever.
    FFVII: Tifa
    FFVII Crisis Core: Zack
    FFVIII: Rinoa
    FFIX: Zidane
    FFX: Tidus
    FFX-2: Rikku
    FFXII: Balthier
    FFXIII: Lightning
    FFXIII-2: Hope
    FFXIII Lightning Returns: Lightning
    FFXV: Noctis

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